Couples on 3rder App Keep Hormones Beyond the Match-Sparked Florida's Dating Revolution

LogoWe're witnessing the dawn of a new era of dating in Florida - and at the center of it all is a couples dating app: 3rder. Since 2017, 3rder has been steadily carving out a unique space, in the dating world.

Dates and Matches in 3joy - a Threesome Dating App for Non-Monogamy Surged 200% in the Last Year

LogoThe world has changed a lot in the past year, and finding open relationships online is still a popular trend as industries recover. 3joy, a threesome dating app for polygamists, has seen a huge increase in registration.

3rder Data Reveals the Tendency of Human Returning Back to Non-Monogamy

LogoDespite anecdotal claims about cheating, no study has shown that humans are predisposed to monogamy or non-monogamy. However, according to psycologytoday.com, between 1991 and 2008, somewhere between about 20% to 25% of men admit to having cheated on their wives. Rates of admitted infidelity for women have ranged between about 10% and 15%, compared to the 20 to 25% for men. Recently, 3rder team also disclosed a data, which shows the tendency of Human returning back to non-monogamy.

What? Your Colleagues Are Searching for Threesomes at Work

LogoRecently in September, broadly.vice.com posted an article about the top 5 kinks in the US, saying that group sex, in particular threesomes, are the favorite fantasy of American. The researcher Justin Lehmiller found that 89 percent of the survey respondents reported fantasizing about this. When does this threesome fantasy mostly arise in a day? Maybe most people would assume that it must be in the night. However, 3rder team lately found out a quite surprising result.

3rder Reveals Why Most Women Look For Singles Instead Of Couples For Three Ways

LogoHaving a threesome is no doubt the most popular sexual fantasies among a variety of kinky singles and couples nowadays. Couples are those who want to spicy up their sex life and singles are someone who wants to experience sex with more than one other person. What they want to achieve from this amazing sexual activity is nothing but fun and excitement.

Threesome App Reveals 35+ Threesomes Happen in the US Every Day

LogoIn the past decade, the most significant shift of sexual expressions may be threesome, a fantasy considered as taboo before but has been accepted by more people now. According to Forbes, one in five Americans reported some interest in threesomes, while 10% of women and 18% of men reported having had a threesome. 3rder, a Tinder for threesomes aiming to replace Craigslist personals sections for couples seeking women, recently did a survey of its 350K members, reaching a conclusion that around 35 three way parties happen in the US every day.

3rder Offers a Tinder for Threesomes

LogoAlthough Tinder has been considered as a one-stop shop for singles, it has not much to be offered to swingers. This is where 3rder comes into play.