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5 County Clean out Has Just Announced Four New Ways They Can Keep Customer's Costs Low

The team at 5 County Clean Out offer customers junk pickup, house cleaning, and junk removal in Philadelphia. 5 County Clean Out received a super service award from Angie’s list in 2012 and have quickly become known for offering a wide variety of services. The 5 County Clean Out team will do everything from removing a single item from a home, to providing full-service estate clean outs. Furthermore, 5 County Clean Out takes pride in being able to save customers money through an efficient business model. Now, 5 County Clean Out is informing customers about four new ways they can help to keep costs low.

5 County Clean out Now Offering Professional Cleaning for as Little as $200

The professionals at 5 County Clean Out have earned a reputation for being some of the best at junk removal in Philadelphia. In fact, in 2012, 5 County Clean Out received a super service award from Angie’s list. Whether a customer needs a single item to be removed or an entire property full of appliances, 5 County Clean Out can handle the job. However, removal of junk and debris is just a portion of what 5 County Clean Out can do for customers. Now, for as little as $200, a professional maid cleaning service can be provided after removal of all items.

Spring 2013 Cleaning Made Easy with 5 County Cleanout Junk Removal Services Now Available in Philadelphia, PA

Spring 2013 is here, there is more daylight, and the weather is beginning to get warm, which only leads to one thing, spring-cleaning. For homeowners who are moving or looking to finally get rid of a bunch of old furniture that has been lying around but don’t have the heart to put it on the curb or strength, the professionals at 5 County Cleanout will be able to do it, as they are now offering junk removal services in Philadelphia, PA for spring 2013.

5 County Cleanout Can Now Handle Labor Intensive Debris Removal in Montgomery County, PA

When it comes to removing large items or intensive debris removal it can be quite difficult. Whether it is an estate cleaning or one just wants to rid of an old hot tub that is taking up valuable space on the patio, 5 County Cleanout is now able to help in Montgomery County, PA. When in need of any debris removal in Montgomery County, the professionals will be sure to come out so no one has to lift a finger.

The Professionals at 5 County Clean out Can Now Take Care of Junk Removal in Montgomery County, PA

The Philadelphia and Montgomery County area has been getting hit with inclement weather here and there making it difficult to remove any junk hauls by one’s self when the roads are in bad condition. However, the professionals at 5 County Clean Out are now able to take care of any junk piling up in one’s home that is in dire need of letting go in Montgomery County, PA. This way, homeowner’s will not have to do the trash removal themselves in Montgomery County.

5 County Clean out Is Proud to Donate Gently Used Furniture for Less Fortunate

When it comes to furniture removal in Philadelphia, 5 County Clean Out is proud to now donate furniture that is unwanted by homeowners and give it to low-income families or for those in need. Many homeowners simply do not have the time or motivation to get rid of any unwanted furniture that is stored in their garage or basement, so that is why 5 County Clean Out now offers these services to remove any unwanted items, saving one both time and money. Having to dump old furniture takes manpower, time, and gas money to take it somewhere to properly dispose of it. With these services, homeowners will not have to worry about any of those factors and spend their free time with family and friends.

5 County Cleanout Now Offers Appliance Disposal Pickup

5 County Clean Out is proud to now offer appliance disposal pickup. For home and business owners who have ever tried to move a refrigerator, industrial stove, freezer, or even washer and dryers, it can be an extremely difficult task depending on the manpower and help a person may have. The professionals at 5 County Clean Out will be more than happy to come out whenever is convenient to dispose of any appliance. For junk hauling in Philadelphia and appliance pickups, the cost may differentiate depending on the item and where it is located in the building. However, homeowners will be rest assured that 5 County Clean Out will give a precise rate as to what the haul is going to cost over the phone so there is no confusion.