84444 Announces Their New "Text to Landline" Service

Logo84444.ca is a text message marketing company that offers businesses the chance to market themselves through their “do-it-yourself” text message marketing platform. In their efforts to make their services effective for businesses that have a branded vanity phone number/landline, the professionals from 84444 are pleased to offer their new text to landline service.

84444 Releases New Infographic on the History of the Text Message

Logo84444, a mobile marketing company, has recently released a new infographic titled “The History of the Text Message.” With this new infographic, the professionals from 84444 are offering their audience a brief, yet informative look into the evolution of the text message.

84444.ca Offers First-Rate Advice on Running Text Message Sweepstakes and Contests

Logo84444.ca is a website offering a convenient mass-text messaging service. They offer their service to businesses that wish to market products and spread information. Now, they are running sweepstakes through their service and want to provide information to individuals seeking to do the same with some useful tips.

84444.ca Explains How Individuals Can Control Text Message Spam

Logo84444.ca is a text message marketing service that promotes the legal use of text message marketing through the use of opt-ins, ensuring that anyone receiving their texts has signed up to receive them. Bob Bentz, President of ATS Mobile and owner of 84444.ca, values close protection of the privacy and the integrity of his Canadian clients, and would like to shed light on several ways individuals can recognize and diminish text message spam. After all, Bentz and his company take spam very seriously, and individuals will only receive text message notifications from 84444 after they have opted-in.

84444.ca Now Offering 50% off for Non-Profit Organizations That Participate in Text Message Marketing

Logo84444 is pleased to announce that they’re offering 50% off to non-profit organizations that participate in text message marketing. Whether it’s a special event, fundraising campaign or raising public awareness for a specific cause, 84444 offers an effective way to increase any non-profit organization’s brand in an affordable fashion.

84444 Offering "Texting Tuesday" Webinar on October 7th 2014

Logo84444 is pleased to announce that they’re offering a “Texting Tuesday” webinar on October 7th 2014 at 2 p.m. which will provide helpful text message marketing tips. For those who don’t know a ton about text message marketing, Bob Bentz—President of ATS Mobile and the brand 84444—will be supplying some strategies and best practices for text message marketing during this webinar.

84444.ca's Parent Company, Advanced Telecom Services, Now Offering Restaurants to Go

Logo84444.ca’s parent company, Advanced Telecom Services, is pleased to announce they’re offering Restaurants To Go in Canada. Advanced Telecom Services has established a plan to turn mobile restaurant searchers into consumers through a suite of mobile marketing solutions.

84444.ca Announces the Arrival of Bret Dunlap's New Mobile Marketing Book, "30 Days to Mobile Marketing Expertise"

Logo84444 is pleased to announce the arrival of Bret Dunlap’s new mobile marketing book, “30 Days To Mobile Marketing Expertise.” Bret Dunlap is the Co-Founder of Advanced Telecom Services, the parent company of 84444.

84444.ca Offers New Advice on How Text Message Marketing Can Fit Into a Restaurant's Overall Mobile Marketing Strategy

Logo84444.ca is proud to announce new findings on how text message marketing fits into a restaurant’s overall mobile marketing strategy. For those who’d like to grow their business, their company website should be user friendly. Most consumers use their phone nearly 24 hours a day for email, texting, searching for restaurants or browsing the web for information. Therefore, implementing a text message marketing strategy as part of a mobile marketing campaign will enable companies to reach customers faster and more efficiently.

84444 Now Offering the Best Text Message Marketing Services in United States and Canada

LogoIn both the United States and Canada, ATS Mobile’s text message marketing solutions utilizes the same short code number. Why is it important? If doing radio or television advertising in a border city such as Toronto or Buffalo, businesses are going to get exposure in both Canada and the States. By using the same short code number 84444, companies don’t have to promote a second short code, because 84444 will work perfectly on both sides of the border.