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A&J Glass Offering Residential Window Glass Repair and Replacement This Summer

LogoWhether a baseball thrown accidentally through a window or a tree limb sent through a paned door during a seasonal thunderstorm, summertime causes unique hazards to a home's glass features. To protect from the elements and insects as well as avoid a derelict appearance, homeowners understandably want to repair their broken windows as soon as possible. A&J Glass, a glass service company in Philadelphia, PA, is offering total replacement and repair services for residential properties along with 24-hour emergency service for those who need their glass repair finished quickly.

A&J Glass Service Providing Glass Shower Door Repair and Replacement

LogoIndividuals requiring emergency glass repair for their homes, cars and businesses have long turned to A&J Glass, the most trusted glass service company in Philadelphia, for fast, efficient service and quality products. Whether looking to replace a broken car window or windshield or a door panel in a home, clients know to go to A&J Glass for realistic pricing and a fast turnaround on their projects. Now, A&J Glass Service announces that it is also available to provide, install and repair glass shower doors.

A&J Glass Service Offering Custom Glass Work to Beautify Homes

LogoA unique and eye-catching glass feature in a home can add light, depth and ambiance to a space. A&J Glass, a glass service company serving Bucks County and Philadelphia, PA, knows how to combine excellent glass installation service with the highest quality materials in order to provide customers with custom-designed glass that is tailored specifically to their homes and tastes.

A & J Glass Service Offering Quick Turnarounds on Emergency Glass Repairs in Philadelphia

LogoWhen property owners accidentally break a glass window or door, or return home to find broken glass, it can leave the property vulnerable. The air quality diminishes providing an uncomfortable environment in the spring and summer months, and the location becomes susceptible to break-ins and vandalism. When glass breaks, A & J Glass Service is proud to announce they are providing emergency repairs with quick turnaround times in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

A & J Glass Service Providing Free Estimates for Residential Glass Window Repairs

LogoWith the harsh winds and unpredictable weather that the greater Philadelphia area experienced this past winter, homeowners can see drafts and lost energy in the home. To help maintain the wear and tear that windows have seen through the winter, A & J Glass Service is providing free estimates for residential glass window repairs. Before the common rain showers of spring develop puddles in the home, the prompt repairs from the leading glass service company in Bucks County will leave all homeowners completely satisfied.

A & J Glass Service Announces Emergency Repairs for Commercial Businesses This Spring

LogoGlass can break or crack from a variety of different circumstances. The cold weather can be the cause, as well as accidents and vandalism. For commercial property owners to ensure the safety and security of their building, glass must be repaired in a timely manner. A & J Glass Service is announcing their availabilities for emergency glass repairs to commercial businesses this spring. With all work warrantied, the premier glass replacement company in Bucks County will travel to the site and work diligently to patch up the glass with the highest quality of material.

A & J Glass Service Providing Commercial Glass Repair to Philadelphia Businesses This Winter

LogoAs the temperatures are dropping and glass is beginning to freeze, storefront windows are left vulnerable to shattering. When experiencing broken or cracked glass at a commercial property, A & J Glass Service is proud to announce they are offering prompt glass repair to Philadelphia businesses. With the heat indoors and the frigid temperatures outdoors, glass is more prone to contract due to the stress.

A & J Glass Service Now Offering Commercial Glass Repairs and Installations This Winter

LogoWhen the harsh temperatures of the winter hits the greater Philadelphia area, winds pick up and debris starts flying. If glass to commercial buildings was installed weakly, business owners can see their glass crack, break, or shatter. To avoid further damage and burglaries due to the vulnerability of the building, A & J Glass Service is announcing they are available for commercial glass repairs and installations this winter season.

A & J Glass Service Offering Emergency Services This Winter Season

LogoAs the winter comes, so too does the harsh winds and freezing temperatures in the greater Philadelphia area. Many homes and businesses utilize a variety of glass styles for their doors and windows, which are susceptible to breaking or cracking, sometimes accidentally and other times intentionally. When glass breaks in the winter, it can have a drastic effect on the indoor air quality of the property, not to mention its safety. When looking for a prominent glass service company in Philadelphia, A & J Glass Service is pleased to announce they are now providing emergency services to their valued clientele this winter.

A & J Glass Service Offering Exceptional Customer Service for Broken Windows and Doors

LogoThere are many ways in which glass can break. Whether an act of vandalism, or the change in temperature that causes the glass to crack, a broken window or door leaves a property vulnerable to damage and burglaries. To fix the glass, and provide a safe and secure property for their valued customers, A & J Glass Service is pleased to announce they are offering emergency services for prompt repairs. As soon as the professionals hear about an emergency situation, they will arrive at the property and have the location repaired within 24 hours.