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Abrams Chiropractic in North Seattle Celebrates National Chiropractic Health Month

LogoSeattle chiropractor Dr. Lee Phelps of Abrams Chiropractic is celebrating National Chiropractic Health Month along with the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) that is helping to bring attention to the current public health crisis caused by pain, particularly the overuse of highly addictive prescription painkillers.

Dr. Lee Phelps, Chiropractor in North Seattle Offers Chiropractic Care for Children

LogoDr. Lee Phelps of Abrams Chiropractic in North Seattle is helping young patients feel and perform their best with pediatric chiropractic services. While many people assume that chiropractors only treat adults, children can also greatly benefit from chiropractic services. Not only can chiropractic services help ensure that children grow and develop properly despite the injuries of childhood, but it can also help treat other childhood conditions.

Seattle Chiropractor Dr. Lee Phelps Uses Activator Methods for Precise, Effective Adjustments

LogoNorth Seattle chiropractor Dr. Lee Phelps of Abrams Chiropractic is helping patients find relief from pain caused by spinal subluxations and other misalignments using the Activator Methods® Adjusting Instrument, one of the most effective but lesser known tools in the chiropractic industry. The instrument is one of the most popular low force chiropractic techniques in the world and is proven to deliver much more accurate and effective treatment than with adjustments delivered just by hand alone.

Abrams Chiropractic Joins Neighbors in Promoting Local Artists of North Seattle

LogoDr. Lee Phelps and Dr. John Vang of North Seattle chiropractic office Abrams Chiropractic are proud to join their neighbors every month in promoting art as a community through the Art Up PhinneyWood artwalk. Seattle is known for its appreciation of culture and art and nowhere is that more obvious than in the second Friday of each month, when the Art Up PhinneyWood artwalk takes place. The artwalk is a great opportunity for local businesses to reach out to the community in a way they might otherwise not come into contact while simultaneously promoting and exposing local artists to the public.

North Seattle Chiropractor Outlines the Health Dangers of Extended Sitting

LogoAverage Americans spend about 10 hours per day sitting and by doing so, are unknowingly shaving time off of their lives. In fact, the fourth-leading cause of death worldwide due to non-infectious disease is physical inactivity. Dr. Lee Phelps of Abrams Chiropractic in North Seattle is educating patients on the health dangers of extended sitting based on some of the most recent studies in the industry, and is also helping patients incorporate important habits into their lifestyle that can counteract these dangers.

Chiropractor in North Seattle Helps Women Find Relief from PMS Symptoms

LogoWith an estimated 90% of women suffering from some form of premenstrual syndrome, also known as PMS, about 10-20% experience severe or disabling symptoms that interfere with their daily life each month. Fortunately, chiropractic care may help if female patients have evidence of nerve compromise to their reproductive organs. Seattle Chiropractor Dr. Lee Phelps of Abrams Chiropractic is helping local patients find natural, drug-free relief from PMS symptoms through chiropractic care.

Seattle Chiropractor Encourages Patients to Establish Tech-Free Zones for Improved Sleep, Less Pain

LogoIn a society that is increasingly dependent on technology, it's common for the average person to spend the majority of their waking hours interacting with a technological device. Between smart phones, computers, and TV, technology is taking a toll on sleep quality and increasing the occurrence of chronic pain. Dr. Lee Phelps of Abrams Chiropractic in Seattle is encouraging patients to establish tech-free zones in their home to help improve their health by eliminating sources of pain and sleep loss.

Seattle Chiropractor Emphasizes the Importance of Chiropractic Aid for New and Expectant Mothers

LogoWhile traditional doctor visits during and after pregnancy has become a cultural standard to ensure the health of mothers and new babies, many women aren't aware of the innate connection between chiropractic aid and pregnancy. Seattle Chiropractor Dr. Lee Phelps of Abrams Chiropractic is encouraging new and expectant mothers, as well as those planning on getting pregnant in the near future, to explore the benefits that chiropractic aid can offer for optimal health and wellness.

North Seattle Chiropractor Builds Practice on New Science and Old Inspiration

LogoNorth Seattle, Washington chiropractor Dr. Lee Phelps of Abrams Chiropractic practices chiropractic medicine and wellness therapy with the most current scientific methods at hand while maintaining a solid foundation of traditional wellness and health knowledge. Dr. Phelps knows that being healthy is about more than just making yearly appointments with the family doctor and getting the occasional massage therapy or chiropractic adjustment when there's an injury, or after extreme stress has already taken its toll on the body.

Seattle Chiropractor Discusses Safe Ways to Reverse Sudden Holiday Weight Gain

LogoThe Seattle chiropractic and wellness professionals at Abrams Chiropractic treat clients with a variety of pain symptoms and wellness goals that range from chronic injury recovery to allergy relief. Now that the holiday season has begun, many people find themselves struggling to maintain dietary and nutritional habits that may have taken months or even years to develop. Good eating habits are hard to maintain, and the ongoing buffet of home-cooked meals make it tough to stick to the no carb, no sugar, no alcohol or no caffeine regimen that keeps the body and mind fit and healthy.