AC Repair Austin Publishes List of Helpful Repair Hints for Homeowners

National weather databases show even the later months of summer in Austin, TX are characterized by daily high temperature averages of 96°F throughout the month, often exceeding 101°F. For those battling a struggling air conditioning unit, this can be a miserable experience, especially if families have young children, elderly loved ones or family members with asthma in the home. While many may think they can wait out the summer for cooler weather, statistics show it could be November before average temperatures reach a range where the air conditioning will no longer be needed during the day. With this in mind, a local contractor specializing in ac repair in Austin has published a list of tips to help the average homeowner with basic checks they can do themselves.

AC Repair Austin Reports the Hottest Days of Summer Are Yet to Come

August remains the hottest month of the year in Austin, Texas, with the average high reaching 97 degrees. From April until October, the average high hovers at 80 degrees or higher, so relief won't be in sight anytime soon. Anyone in need of AC repair in Austin TX needs to call soon to ensure they remain cool during the dog days of summer.