ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW Offers Data Protection and Compliance Services Helping Businesses Become GDPR Compliant

LogoThe UK's leading employment law solicitor, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW offers data protection and compliance services that are designed to help businesses become GDPR compliant. Their services help businesses maintain the trust of their customers, clients, suppliers and prevent regulatory scrutiny by Information Commissioners Office (ICO). The services ensure that business' most valuable assets are well-protected.

Acumen Business Law Provides Advice to Their Clients on All Areas Concerning Recruitment and Resourcing

LogoA pioneering leader in the law industry, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW provides advice to their clients on all areas concerning recruitment and resourcing. With a full of understanding the industry and the issues that plague it, they are able to provide swift and effective legal services on all matters of recruitment. Their clients include traditional agencies, RPOs, social media platforms, employers and contractors, etc. They guide their clients on all legal aspects of the recruitment process, providing them with the legal resources to hire the best candidates. The firm has worked with companies of all sizes, aiding them in dealing with issues of recruitment industry.

Acumen Business Law Works to Protect Intellectual Property Across the Media and Entertainment Industry

LogoOwnership of work in the Media and Entertainment Industry can be tricky to handle. Copyright treats creative works such as poems, books, paintings, films, photographs and more as intellectual property, which then has an author, which is the creator of this work. When a business commissions work to an outsourced supplier, or employs someone to create a new work, such as a brochure or a website, copyright law can help clarify who has ownership of that work, and agreements can be put in place. When it comes to the media and entertainment industry, copyright laws are essential, as cases of people stealing artwork, plagiarism, sampling music, and more, are quite common.

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW Offers Dispute Resolution Services for Companies in the UK

LogoA pioneering leader in the law industry, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW offers dispute resolution services to businesses across the UK. This service is designed to help businesses resolve disputes with key workers. Understanding how stressful and disruptive disputes can be, they aim to reach a settlement to preserve relationships with amicable solutions. Before taking on a formal role, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW's team negotiates from behind the scenes and are highly sensitive to all of their clients' situations. They have a team of litigators who have acted as both claimant and defendant even to the House of Lords and the European Court of Justice.

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW Offers Legal Assistance to Help Businesses Protect Their Intellectual Property

LogoA well-known provider of legal services, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW offers legal assistance to help businesses protect their intellectual property including copyright, trademarks, patents and industrial design rights. To protect businesses from facing legal action or receiving a cease-and-desist, they help their clients to register a company name, logo or brand image under a trademark, both European trademark (all 27 countries of the European Union) or International trademark. They also help content creators by preventing the misuse of copyrighted creations and helping them to share the creations with other people.

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW Offers Employment Advice and Representation Services for Employee Settlement Agreement Issues

LogoA pioneering leader in the law industry, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW offers employment advice and representation services for a variety of issues including employee settlement agreements, employment contracts, unfair dismissal, discrimination cases, and more. They employ a team of experienced Solicitors who have represented hundreds of clients at Employment Tribunals when a resolution cannot be reached.

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW Offers Unique Dispute Resolution Services to Help Ease Employee Negotiations

LogoA well-known provider of legal services, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW offers unique dispute resolution services to ease tension between the parties involved in employee negotiations, and help them reach a fair and lawful result. Using a determined but sensitive approach, they try to bring both parties to a fairly negotiated settlement and, if possible, preserve the trading relationship with an amicable solution. However in the case that a compromise is not possible, their team can undertake formal action and aggressively pursue the interests of their clients.

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW Offers Data Protection and Compliance Services to Protect Business' Most Valuable Assets

LogoOne of the leading providers of a variety of legal services in the UK, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW offers Data Protection and Compliance Services to protect business' most valuable assets. The services help clients to maintain the trust of their customers, clients, suppliers and prevent regulatory scrutiny by authorities. Their Data Protection and Privacy experts conduct a "fact finding" discussion with each of their clients to provide the services according to their specific needs and budget. To help clients comply with GDPR standards, they provide a report that sets out the law, how it applies to the business, where there are gaps in current processes, procedures and documents and what steps need to be taken to improve this.

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW Offers Credit Control and Debt Recovery Services to Help Reduce Bad Debt for Businesses

LogoACUMEN BUSINESS LAW is a pioneering leader in the law industry that offers credit control and debt recovery services to help reduce bad debt for businesses. Adopting a robust attitude towards credit control, their services can help business owners increase overall profitability; reduce interest charges and borrowings; while increasing the revenue of their business. ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW experts have developed a simple 5-step internal process along with other simple yet effective tools that helps to substantially reduce the bad debt within a company. The clients can avail these services at any stage of the process, ranging from pre-action debt recovery through to court proceedings and enforcement. For debt recovery, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW uses a variety of methods including Late Payment Demands and Letters before Action, Preparation, issue and service of court proceedings, Management and pursuit of claims, including trial if required and more.