ADL-Advances of Daily Living

Advances for Daily Living Brings in Super Efficient Anodyne Therapy Machine in Danville and Blacksburg, Virginia

LogoAnodyne therapy is gaining popularity due to its innovative technique and usefulness. Supported by advanced technology, it is sure to cure discomfort, which significantly impacts mobility and hinders the performance of activities of day-to-day living independently.

Advances for Daily Living Supplies Quality Wheelchair Lift in Lynchburg and Danville, Virginia

LogoWheelchairs are in great use all over the world because people need them to facilitate their movement. People with a permanent or temporary handicap can benefit from these chairs. They are often used in places like ramps and wheelchair lifts. The goal is to facilitate mobility to access homes, other buildings, or any outdoor locations.

Advances for Daily Living (ADL) Offers Super Efficient Curved Stairlifts in Danville and Lexington, Virginia

LogoThe use of stairlifts has been significantly used in recent times. Many companies are suffering from mobility difficulties due to age and permanent disabilities, and many companies have started offering more options.

Advances for Daily Living (ADL) Brings in Quality Stair Chair Lift in Lynchburg and Roanoke

LogoGetting a chair lift for stairs is a big investment decision for any individual. It proves to be an excellent accessibility option for the elderly, handicapped, and other mobility challenged individuals who cannot climb stairs.

Advances for Daily Living (ADL) Excels in Catheter Supplies in Lynchburg and Rocky Mount, Virginia

LogoCatheters are used to drain the bladder of individuals whose bladder does not empty usually. With catheters supplies, doctors can insert or remove a catheter while maintaining catheter function. Catheter supplies for home use are divided into Intermittent Catheters, Male External Catheters, and Foley Catheters. Each type has different instructions for use and uses various supplies to accomplish catheterization.

Advances for Daily Living (ADL) Delivers Quality Anodyne Therapy Machine in Danville and Blacksburg, Virginia

LogoAnodyne therapy has increased popularity due to its innovative technique and usefulness. It's a unique non-invasive, painless therapy that uses infrared light to treat pain, numbness, and decreased circulation due to peripheral neuropathy.

Advances of Daily Living Offers Platform Lift in Blacksburg and Danville, Virginia

LogoAs life changes, so do one's way of living. Adaptability to the many challenges of life is how one can make it better. When one finds oneself suddenly in a wheelchair because of some accident or surgery, they don't need to think that life is over for them. Their life will change, but they have to find a way to live around it. Familiar places lie their very own home can start to turn hostile, but it is better not to let these things come in the way of living a fulfilling life. With mobility solutions readily available at hand, it is easy to make one's home keep the same. A small change might need to be invited, and that is installing a platform lift. There is one company named Advances of Daily Living that makes daily living more comfortable. They are one of the best when installing a platform lift in Blacksburg and Danville, Virginia.

Advances of Daily Living Answers the Need for Installing a Stairlift in Blacksburg and Danville, Virginia

LogoMany times senior members living alone can face trouble with taking the stairs. It is not easy for them to access the upper levels of the house due to their poor health and weak legs. That often forces a good number of senior adults to consider moving out of the house. That is not what everyone wants to do. Senior members loo forward to retire in their own home. At this age, moving from their known surroundings is a financial burden and also affects them emotionally. At the same time merely because of not being able to take the stairs is not an acceptable idea for moving house. Companies like Advances of Daily Living has made it easier for senior adults to continue staying in their abode. The solution comes in the form of stairlifts. The company is a well-known provider of stairlifts in Blacksburg and Danville, Virginia.