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AdLock Media Introduces the Top Performing CPI and CPA Offers

AdLock Media offers the top performing list of CPA offers and the best CPI Mobile App Installs based on ranking. The top 100 offers have been ranked by considering the collective impression, conversion data and clicks as provided by the PPC Media Buyers and Affiliate Marketers on AdLock Media Network. Today there are thousands of affiliate cost per action (CPA) programs and networks. But it is wise to do some homework and choose the legitimate one for maximum earnings. AdLock offers the right platform as it has the network that consists of legitimate affiliates and advertisers and targets visitors from different parts of the world using different devices.

Top CPA Offers and CPI Offers from AdLock Media

AdLock Media offer the top CPA offers and the best CPI offers from legitimate advertisers and publishers. The CPA and CPI offers made here are high paying and also the best performing in this industry. AdLock constantly updates its CPA network to ensure that both the users and the publishers make the most money. While users make money by installing or downloading, publishers can make money by attracting or generating more leads. The company also offers a wide range of tools exclusively available for developers. The API Offer Feed and the API Postback Tracking are a few to name. The other interesting features are the customer publisher dashboard along with the unique tracking platform.

Monetizing the Mobile Visitors with Incentive CPI Offers from AdLock

AdLock Media takes pride in being one of the most trusted CPA networks. Today, when there are thousands of networks available, it becomes very difficult for publishers, advertisers and visitors to get to the right one. From professional affiliates to beginners, there is one name that stands out – AdLock. The best thing about this network is that they offer weekly payments for all the verified publishers. The network also provides different CPA locking tools such as the OfferWall, Link Locker and the File Locker. This is one of the best performing CPA network mainly because it integrates the CPI mobile app installs as well as the Incentive CPA offers.

Top Performing CPA Offers from AdLock Media

AdLock Media is pleased to offer the best CPA offers and CPI mobile install offers from legitimate advertisers and publishers. The CPA (Cost Per Action) offers are mostly subscriptions services or those with which the users sign up for. The advertisers here pay for each and every subscription. And since every subscription costs some money, advertisers can be assured of a legitimate traffic most of the times. On the other hand the CPI (Cost Per Install) model deals with the installation of apps and games on mobile devices which either run on Android or iOS. The users can make instant money every time they install an app or game.

The Latest Content Locking Technology by AdLock Media Can Monetize Any Sort of Content

AdLock Media is soon coming up with locking technology. AdLock Media is based on cpa network. AdLock Media specializes in content locking technology and also mobile based performance CPA offers. It uses monetization tools like CPA Offers, content locking, file locking, link locking, offer wall and mobile content locking tools for ad network. AdLock Media uses the latest technology to provide the most effective methods of monetizing digital content. AdLock Media is known to come up regularly with a wide range of latest tools and technological innovations. The latest offering from AdLock Media is a content locker that can monetize any kind of content that is present. The basic objective of the content locking technology is that the user who visits the page or piece of content will encounter an overlay that bars access to the said content.

Make Money out of Any Content with the Content Locking Technology

The concept of cpa network has caught up the attention of millions of viewers all over the globe. This is now seen as a means of making good money. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. This refers to the cost an advertiser pays for every action that is completed. In simple terms, a restaurant advertiser will pay $5 to the person whenever he gets his friend to dine in the restaurant. The era of paying for views or number of clicks has gone. One needs to complete a certain pre-determined action to be eligible for payment. The pre-determined actions that need to be completed may include filling in a short form, such as submitting an email address, getting a quote for something, for example insurance, signing up for a free trial, entering a competition, buying a product, doing a small survey, voting in a poll or downloading an application. All these are a part of an ad network. All these processes can be done in a very easy way with the help of content locking. Content locking will encourage the =completion of the action.

AdLock Media Helps in Monetizing the Traffic Visiting Websites

Here is news that may gladden website owners. They can now monetize the traffic that visits their sites because AdLock Media can help them in this regard. According to AdLock Media, the ad locking technology they use will help website owners make more money out of their desktop as well as mobile traffic.

AdLock Media Helps Website Owners Earn More Money from the Traffic Visiting Their Sites

Those who own websites and who are eager to monetize their desktop and mobile traffic may be excited with the news that AdLock Media can help them make more money. AdLock Media says that they use their ad locking technology for helping these website owners monetize their traffic.