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Dr. Todd Bertman of Advanced Dental Arts NYC Embraces the AAP's Love Your Gums Campaign

LogoThe American Academy of Periodontology's "Love The Your Gums You're With" campaign highlights the significantly increasing rate of gum disease and states, "Americans and their Gums: A Relationship on the Rocks." And, as this number of Americans with gum disease continues to climb, Dr. Todd Bertman of Advanced Dental Arts NYC and his team of specialists including periodontics, pedontics, orthodontics and endodontists have a renewed focus to educate their patients and community about the danger of untreated gum disease and the easy ways to prevent it.

Manhattan, NY Cosmetic Dentist Todd Bertman Combines Art and Science to Improve Patients' Smiles in 2015 for Lifetime Health Benefits

LogoMany of us have started the New Year ready to take on the world. We're going back to the gym, eating right and adopting all sorts of habits in the hopes of improving our daily lives. Dr. Todd Bertman of Advanced Dental Arts NYC is also encouraging his patients in Greenwich Village and Midtown East, NY to make sure that their oral health is at the top of their priority list for this year for lasting health benefits.

New LANAP Gum Disease Treatment in Manhattan, NY from ADA NYC

LogoLed by Dr. Todd Bertman, Advanced Dental Arts NYC with locations in Greenwich Village and Midtown East, New York is particularly focused this month on reminding patients of the dire need for exceptional dental hygiene and the treatment solutions for those with previously poor dental hygiene habits. In addition to brushing teeth twice a day and flossing, professional dental checkups scheduled twice yearly are necessary for preventing and treating gum disease.