Advanced Hospitality Systems

Advanced Hospitality Introduces Mobile Pay from NCR: Transforming Guest Experience by Increasing Efficiency and Security

Efficiency is crucial in a restaurant setting, and the service industry is constantly searching for new means by which to speed up transactions while still ensuring that guests feel welcome. Advanced Hospitality Systems, a provider of restaurant point of sale technology to New Jersey, PA, and beyond, is pleased to introduce Mobile Pay from NCR, a system designed to streamline payment via customers' iPhones while also helping to ensure the security of their personal information.

Advanced Hospitality Systems Providing Transaction Technologies from AMB Sports & Entertainment Partner NCR

A true mark of success for a provider of transaction technologies is the use of its products by large, multi-faceted organizations that require powerful software and applications to run their operations. As the new Official Consumer Transaction Technology Provider for the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA, and longstanding partner with AMB Sports & Entertainment, NCR has truly proven its ability to provide incredible, transformative customer experience through its POS, kitchen system, wayfinding, and digital menu technologies. Advanced Hospitality Systems, a New Jersey restaurant point of sale software provider, is proud to provide this innovative NCR POS software to its clients nationwide.

Advanced Hospitality Systems Announces New Customer Voice Software by NCR

While excellent online ratings are crucial to the success of businesses and retailers, pinpointing a positive audience and finding a way to ensure their voices are heard can be a difficult process. Ineffective use of social media and poor management of negative reviews can also lead to low ratings on popular websites such as Yelp, where customers may be inclined to turn to voice their frustrations in a public venue. Advanced Hospitality Systems is pleased to announce a solution for restaurants seeking a cost-effective way to promote their business online while privately managing and preventing customer loss, through the new Customer Voice software from NCR.

Advanced Hospitality Systems Announces the Orderman7 from NCR

Versatility is crucial in the hospitality industry and, increasingly, customers expect rapid, tableside care when it comes to all aspects of their experience – including payment and receipt printing. Along with these new standards, servers are better able to manage their tables and orders when instances of running between the kitchen, POS system and dining area are minimized. To help better serve industries where speed and efficiency are of the utmost importance, Advanced Hospitality Systems has announced the release of the NCR Orderman7, mobile POS technology for the modern restaurant.

Advanced Hospitality Systems Announces an End to Employee Theft with NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard

Employee theft and fraud has become so pervasive within the restaurant industry that many businesses have come to accept the related financial losses as inevitable. However, with an average restaurant profit margin of only 2-5% and an estimated employee theft amount totaling 1% of revenue, what may seem like small, occasional losses can add up to a substantial sum that ultimately affects a business' bottom line. Advanced Hospitality Systems has announced that its NCR Aloha POS Restaurant Guard is available to managers and business owners seeking to prevent and deter employee theft, in order to raise profits and improve the customer experience.

Advanced Hospitality Systems Announces the Release of NCR Aloha POS Software Version 12.3 with Improved Features

In the hospitality industry, no two factors are more crucial to providing excellent service than speed and accuracy. With the help of Aloha POS software and terminals, businesses are able to serve customers faster and dramatically increase communication between customer, front-of-house staff and the rest of the team working alongside them. A good POS system makes the difference between a company that serves clientele, and a company that serves them well. Now, Advanced Hospitality Systems announces that version 12.3 of their time-tested Aloha POS software is available for purchase, with improved features that have been tailored even further to meet client demands.