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Don't Get Stuck with a Heating System That's a Turkey

Turkeys are the centerpieces of many Thanksgiving dinner tables. But, when it comes to shopping for a heat pump or furnace replacement in Hunterdon County, nobody wants to end up with a turkey.

6 Spooky Sounds That Haunted Furnaces Make-and Why

The most popular haunted houses feature plenty of scary sound effects: haunting music, creaking doors, squeaking floors, rattling chains and howling ghouls.

Air Professionals Offers 10% Off Fall Maintenance Package

Before those brutally cold temperatures arrive, September is the ideal time to make sure the family heating system is in tip-top shape. The cold weather experts at Air Professionals would like to help with a super cool deal—15 percent off a heating system checkup!

Air Conditioning System Pooped out by August Heat?

This is the time of year when air conditioners—especially older, overworked or neglected systems—are at greater risk of slip sliding away and leaving Mom, Dad and the entire brood drenched in puddles of sloppy, uncomfortable sweat.

It Pays to Refer a Friend to Air Professionals

From a time-tested family recipe to a treasured movie or book, most people are more than happy to share positive experiences with others. Meanwhile, the recipients are grateful to receive recommendations from people whom they trust.

Don't Let a Failed AC System Ruffle Any Feathers

The last thing families in Central Jersey need on a sweltering hot day is for the central air conditioning to dissolve into a complete meltdown.

Maintain the Highest Level of AC Cool with Air Professionals

Responsible car owners know that regular tune-ups can prevent costly repair bills and extend the lives of their vehicles. Smart homeowners understand their air conditioners deserve the same TLC.

Air Professionals Releases Avalanche of Cool Changes

Central Jersey isn't a place penguins typically call home. But the number of penguin sightings is bound to skyrocket now that Air Professionals has wrapped itself in a cool new look and a cool new name.