Alex Grimmer

Alex Grimmer Donates Prince Deadwax Art to Grammy Awards' MusiCares Silent Auction

Alex Grimmer, the genius behind the Deadwax Art Collection, is an actively involved member of the entertainment community and has participated in a number of events. Earlier this year, Grimmer participated in the MusiCares Foundation event at the Grammy Awards where he donated a Prince art piece in a silent auction. Grimmer creates all kinds of art pieces with most of them focusing on well-known musicians. He takes broken or disregarded records and turns them into handcrafted art pieces. To learn more about Alex Grimmer and his Deadwax Art Collection, visit

Alex Grimmer Brings Music to Life with His Deadwax Art Collection

Alex Grimmer has made his mark on the pop culture art scene in Los Angeles. According to Grimmer, his unique work is "handcrafted artwork from original vinyl records." That statement right there is why the artwork is so highly-regarded. The custom-touch that Grimmer brings to each and every piece is what sets his Deadwax Art Collection apart from others. He is all about taking something that has been destroyed or that is no longer valuable and transforming it into something new through art. A simple vinyl record that might seem worthless takes new life under Grimmer's careful hand.