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Dr. Longman Describes How Aging Affects Oral and Dental Health

LogoTaking good care of one's oral health, especially the teeth is an important issue to be concerned about when aging. People think that losing their teeth is an inevitable certainty, but that is not true. If cared for properly, teeth can last a lifetime.

Alexandria Old Town Dental Offers Patients In-House Dental Coverage Plan

LogoEven with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) available for medical insurance, there is a major gap in dental care for adults. Dental coverage, with some exceptions, isn't covered under ACA.

Dr. Longman Explains the Trend for Separate Bedrooms

LogoRecent news reports reveal that more and more couples are sleeping in separate bedrooms for a number of reasons. Most often this is due to one of the bedmates snoring so loudly that the other person prefers to sleep in a separate bed in a separate bedroom.

Dr. Longman Offers Simple CPAP Alternative

LogoPatients who wear a CPAP mask at night to aid in stopping snoring and/or sleep apnea find it problematic. Most individuals who wear the mask wish there was a more comfortable solution for their snoring related issues. The solution comes in the form of a dental appliance.

Dr. Eddie Longman Offers His Patients Snap-on-Smile

LogoDr. Longman realizes that not everyone can afford to have their smile made-over into a Hollywood smile. He can provide his patients with a Snap-On-Smile that is thin, yet strong. Snap-On-Smile® is made from a hi-tech dental acetyl resin that has the appearance of natural teeth.

Dr. Eddie Longman Offers Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

LogoNot long ago, patients with missing teeth had only a few options for restoration, which included bridges or dentures. With advancements in dentistry, a new method of replacing missing teeth is now available—dental implants. This has allowed Dr. Eddie Longman of Alexandria Old Town Dental to restore the beauty and function of his patients' smiles.

Dr. Longman Offers Patients Snap-on Smile

LogoWishing for a new bright smile but can't afford porcelain crowns and veneers? The solution may be a Snap-On Smile. Dr. Eddie Longman of Alexandria Old Town Dental can revitalize a smile in just two visits.

Dr. Longman Explains the Effects of Periodontal Disease

LogoThe mouth is the gateway to the body and it is not a sterile one. Periodontal disease (gum disease) is a quiet, devastating infection caused by bacteria in the mouth that can also infect the body’s integral systems. These include the heart, lungs, kidney, liver and even the joints and connective tissue. Dr. Eddie Longman of Alexandria Old Town Dental asserts, “The most important thing to do if you have gum disease is to slow it down and then work on getting it stopped.”

Alexandria Old Town Dental Boasts a Quartet of Skilled and Artistic Dentists

LogoIt is not unusual for a patient to be told during their dental appointment that they would have to go elsewhere to see a specialist. This means having to endure the inconvenience of scheduling another appointment, making an additional trip to an unfamiliar dental office and filling out new paperwork. Alexandria Old Town Dental, however, houses four dentists who are specialists in their own areas of dentistry.

Dr. Goldhush Now Offers Solutions for Patients Suffering from TMJ

LogoTemporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, also known as the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD), is a disorder of the jaw muscles and nerves caused by injury or malocclusion (bad bite) to the temporomandibular joint. The temporomandibular joint acts as the hinge between the jawbone and the skull.