All About The Real Housewives

All About the Real Housewives Delivers New Gossips and Hot News from the Hit Reality TV Show

LogoAll About the Real Housewives, a website run by fans of the reality TV show, has recently updated their website with more news and gossips revolving around the stars of the show. Included in their fresh releases is the rumor about the crumbling friendship between Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville. The friendship between the two popular Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars is said to be over according to a statement released by Lisa Vanderpump on Life & Style recently. “Too many things—too many nasty things—were said. Brandi has created so many lies. [Our friendship] is done. It was done six months ago.” she said. Lisa blamed Brandi’s dishonesty and undermining throughout the series. The statement was contradictory to Brandi’s continuous tweet about her friendship with Lisa and that they are just on break.