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Aloha Construction & Remodeling Reveals New Tips on How to Find out if Gutter Repairs Are Needed

Aloha Construction & Remodeling has recently revealed new tips on how to find out if gutter repairs are needed on a home. Aloha Construction & Remodeling has been serving the Newtown and Bucks County area for over 10 years. When tackling springtime roofing inspections, the company stresses for homeowners to not overlook the gutters. Improper draining systems can cause water backups, leading to damages of the home’s fascia, soffits, shingles, and siding. So, just like the roofing system, gutters and downspouts require regular maintenance. Gutters should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year in order to avoid future problems.

Aloha Construction & Remodeling Announces New Roof Shingle Installation Services

Aloha Construction & Remodeling, reliable roofing contractors in Newtown, PA, announces new roof shingle installation services for the spring season. The contractors offer various types of shingles that will make for a sturdy, durable roof. Installing a new roof is a large investment, so as with any significant investment, homeowners want to be sure that they are making the right, educated decision before selecting the right roofing material and most of all, choosing a professional roofing contractor.

Aloha Construction & Remodeling Is Now Available for All Roofing Needs During Winter Months

The winter is in full swing, but residents don’t have to wait till spring to repair their roof. Aloha Construction & Remodeling, roofing contractors in Newtown, are now available for all roofing needs during the rest of the winter months. The cold temperatures create conditions that make a roof more likely to leak. Acting as if the moisture will disappear on its own can lead to further damage to the siding and interior in the area of the leak. The cause of the leaks is usually due to a defect that wasn’t showing itself because some kind of caulk was applied that has now deteriorated. Cold temperatures cause roofing materials to contract opening up gaps that allow for water to enter the interior causing leaks as well as structural damage. Another big problem that can spawn from a leak separate from structural damage is the growth of black mold.

Aloha Construction & Remodeling Is Now Available for Roof Preparations for Winter 2013

The winter months can wreak havoc on homes and businesses, especially on their roofs. It is a necessity to make sure that the roof that protects the home or business is in good shape and can withstand all that the winter months can throw at it. Aloha Construction & Remodeling is now available for roof preparations for winter 2013, as well as fixing any existing problem areas.