Alpha Rho Inc.

Plastic Box Manufacturer, Alpha Rho, Reducing Costs and Greenhouse Gases with Solar Energy System

LogoAlpha Rho, an injection molder of rigid plastic boxes, is installing a 238.4-kilowatt solar energy system on its Fitchburg manufacturing center, which will produce more than 80 percent of the power needed to run the company's manufacturing, warehousing and administrative operations, according to President David Tall.

Alpha Rho, New England's Largest Plastic Box Manufacturer, Goes Solar

LogoPlastic box manufacturer, Alpha Rho, is once again reducing its carbon footprint. A Rhode Island company recently built a solar power plant in Lunenburg, MA, and the company supporting the Lunenburg solar-farm project, NuGen Capital Management struck a deal with the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce to sell its net metering credits from the plant to local manufacturers. Alpha Rho is among the six local manufacturers from the Fitchburg, MA, area to take advantage of this locally produced energy. Alpha Rho's decision to use renewable energy at its Fitchburg plant would allow the company to save money on energy bills over time, while simultaneously reducing the region's ecological footprint.

Plastic Box Manufacturer Demonstrates Social Responsibility by Recycling More Than 90% of Its Waste

LogoAlpha Rho Inc. is proud to announce its expanding green energy policy. Partnering with E.L Harvey & Sons, Inc., a local waste and recyclable materials company, Alpha Rho adds corrugated cardboard recycling in its effort to support the reduction of the flow of waste material. This is now added to its ongoing recycling of plastic scrap, and machine oil that is generated at their manufacturing plant. This year Alpha Rho Inc. has raised the bar again by setting a new standard in being the environmentally conscious plastic box manufacturer.