Alvah Bushnell Company

Purchase Customized Folders with Alvah Bushnell

Alvah Bushnell, a leading online provider of filing containers for sale, has been manufacturing and distributing red-rope products since 1876. They provide file pockets, wallets, jackets, folders, mailers, and other paper products to professionals in the law industry and many others. Customers have the option of customizing their filing containers to increase organization and productivity in the workplace.

Alvah Bushnell Company Offering Variety of Mailers

The Alvah Bushnell Company, located in Philadelphia, PA, offers a variety of mailers, folders, and file pockets for professionals. The company has been providing filing solutions to law firms and other professional industries for over 100 years with durable and reliable products.

Businesses in Need of Good, Old-Fashioned Organizational Products Can Turn to Alvah Bushnell

Since 1876, Alvah Bushnell Company has provided businesses all across the country with durable, high-quality organizational products. Founder Alvah Bushnell knew that law firms needed portable, dependable folders and portfolios that could withstand frequent use. His company continues to serve the legal industry to this day. Some of the law firms that they supply have used their products for over 100 years. Now, Alvah Bushnell Company serves not only law firms but also government institutions, real estate agencies, CPAs, and more.