Always About Smiles

Dr. Lambert Helps Patients Overcome Fear of Dentistry

LogoSome people hide their smile out of embarrassment, or put up with pain because they are afraid of injections. Dr. Thomas Lambert can bring about life-changing smiles, since he calms his patients' fears with desensitizing methods and relaxing behaviors that are sometimes combined with pre-medication before the appointment.

Dr. Lambert Takes a Prevention and Intervention Approach to Children's Dentistry

LogoEarly visits to the dentist are important for children, even babies. Dr. Lambert uses the latest techniques to introduce a child to the dental experience in a way that is fun, appealing and pleasing. Building a positive foundation from as early as the age of two can create a lifelong comfort and trust in receiving dental care.

Dr. Lambert Endorses Dental Implants

LogoFor anyone wishing to replace missing teeth, Dr. Thomas Lambert of Always About Smiles strongly recommends dental implants as an effective long-term solution. Not only do implants restore function and beauty, they also provide excellent structural support and are more durable than either bridges or dentures.

Dr. Lambert Provides Smile Makeovers Using Snap-on Smile

LogoAt Always About Smiles, patients of Dr. Lambert who wish to undergo a smile makeover, but who are not able to afford porcelain crowns or veneers, are rejoicing over the Snap-On Smile®.

Dr. Lambert Describes Treatment for Emergency Dentistry

LogoAlthough brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups usually keep teeth healthy and sound, dental emergencies occur when least expected. Dr. Thomas Lambert of Always About Smiles in Bethlehem, PA has many ways of working around these emergencies.

Dr. Lambert Helps Local Families Find Their Dental Home

LogoThink of a dental home as an all-inclusive resort. It encompasses everything, including all aspects of oral health care and needs to be delivered in a complete, accessible and coordinated way in a family-focused manner. Dr. Thomas Lambert incorporates the dental home concept into his Bethlehem, PA dental practice.

Dr. Thomas Lambert Caters to Specialized Dental Needs of Musicians

LogoCombining his knowledge of wind instrument playing and dentistry allows Dr. Lambert to offer a service that simply cannot be found in other dental practices. Musicians have very specialized needs when they use their mouths to play a musical instrument. The smallest change in a bite, tooth or jaw position, tooth shape, or tongue movement can significantly impact how a musician can play, and the dentist must understand and pay special attention to these problems. A trumpet player with a chipped front tooth can have the tooth restored with composite bonding to make it look great from a cosmetic standpoint but might ruin his playing career. A horn player may get beautiful porcelain veneers that may add half a millimeter to the length of the teeth but may wipe out the musician’s ability to play really high notes in his upper range. Even wind players with removable dentures may experience problems with range, sound quality, and air pressure or airflow issues into their horn.

Thomas R. Lambert, DMD, MAGD Invited to Be Contributing Author

LogoDr. Lambert graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Biochemistry. After graduating Temple University School of Dentistry in 1986, Dr. Lambert completed a one year General Practice Residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital where he mastered advanced diagnostic, treatment and behavioral techniques in all areas of dentistry. The Lehigh Valley has always been home for Dr. Lambert, practicing as an associate dentist in Easton for one year before establishing his current family practice in Bethlehem, his hometown, in 1988.