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Hip Hop Lyricist Tigers Craving Stars Releases First Album, "Inside Out"

LogoCalifornia hip hop artist Tigers Craving Stars has released his long-awaited debut album titled, "Inside Out." A project that was years in the making, "Inside Out" is a fairly expressive album that sheds light on Tigers Craving Stars' passion for music while highlighting the ins-and-outs of his life experiences. The album features 14-tracks including the single, "Missouri Loves Company" and is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and other online music retailers. Select songs are also available for streaming on Bandcamp, and Soundcloud at buff.ly/1Ilc5mS

Amy Kress Announces Release Date for "Secret Music" Album

LogoWith the recently released, "Numb" single under her belt, Colorado area singer and songwriter Amy Kress has announced the official release date for her much anticipated first album, "Secret Music." A exceptionally talented vocalist and overall musician, Amy's new project invites you to experience part of her life's journey presented through a collection of 14 songs that touch on love, happiness and inspiration. "Secret Music," debuts on Tuesday, January 13th and will be available at all major music outlets including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. You can pre-order the album now on iTunes and receive the previously released singles for free at: http://buff.ly/1AAhX8H

Tigers Craving Stars Announces New Album, "Inside Out"

LogoEmerging songwriter and lyricist, Tigers Craving Stars has announced the release of his forthcoming solo debut album titled, "Inside Out." The multi-talented songwriter and music producer, whose work has spanned across a variety of genres has collaborated on a multitude of projects with indie and award-winning artists. His freshman debut, "Inside Out" is a collection of his inner-most feelings, thoughts and life experiences. The new album is slated to drop early January on iTunes, Soundcloud and Bandcamp in addition to other online music distributors.

New York Rock Band Rony's Insomnia Announce "Count to Ten" Album Release

LogoWith the release of their debut album album, "Count to Ten," New York alternative rock band Rony's Insomnia introduces an eclectic mix of emotionally themed ballads and classic acoustic rock. A collection of 10 cinematic-style tracks, each highlighting the beautifully composed vocals of the band's front woman and lead guitarist Rony Corcos, "Count to Ten" shows why this group of musicians have quickly become a fixture within New York city's nightlife scene. "Count to Ten" is now available on iTunes, Spotify, BandCamp, SoundCloud and on CD Baby at: http://buff.ly/1zGMQrR

Gypsy Funk Band Come Back Alice Release New "Coraline" Single and Music Video

LogoWith the emergence of new sounds and musical styles fueling the industry, the uniquely crafted musical contributions from Southern gypsy funk band Come Back Alice have grabbed the attention of both music enthusiasts and industry personnel. The Florida based band has announced the release of their latest single, "Coraline," - a wonderful fusion of the lead singer's handsomely sultry vocals along with the live fiddle and the band's exceptional rhythmic contributions make "Coraline" a fan favorite. The single is now available at ComeBackAlice.com

Highly Anticipated Beautiful Births Informative Documentary Is Now Available on DVD

LogoEmerging filmmaker Jacqui Blue has announced the official release of her highly anticipated documentary film, "Beautiful Births." With the recent success of the film's premiere screenings this summer, Beautiful Births is quickly unfolding into a national discussion about the natural birthing process. Several topics in the film highlight common misconceptions about natural birth and offer an honest platform that explores the Midwifery Model of Care. The Beautiful Births documentary is now available on DVD at: http://buff.ly/1sEyGCf To receive a 10% discount off your purchase enter code: BBD10SPOT at checkout. The film will be released digitally and online in the coming months.

Singer-Songwriter Amy Kress Releases, "Numb" Single and Music Video

LogoWith the release of her forthcoming album, "Secret Music" slated to debut in January, singer-songwriter Amy Kress has released the first single, "Numb" from the highly anticipated project. A powerful modern piece produced by The Spot Studios (Denver, CO), "Numb" is an incredible showcase of Amy's resounding vocals highlighted by the track's contemporary pop and rock influence. The new single is now available on iTunes at: http://bit.ly/1vnhBSI

Konchynce Drops Official Music Video for His New Single "Drag"

LogoMusic producer, songwriter and hip hop lyricist Konchynce has announced the release of his anticipated music video for his latest single, "Drag." Currently residing in Atlanta, Konchynce is making a name for himself within the hip hop arena with his laid-back vocal style and content-driven lyrics. The first single off his upcoming album titled, "P.O.L.O.S," the new single outlines his self-styled approach to making music that's sure to stand out. The official music video for "Drag" is now available on YouTube at: http://buff.ly/1qSuIX3

Songstress Tambu-Christel Releases New Soulful R&b Single, "Preach"

LogoEmerging singer and songwriter Tambu-christel has announced the release of her highly anticipated soulful r&b ballad titled, "Preach." Released under the direction of her label, Daniel Strong Entertainment, the new single captures Tambu's beautifully delivered vocals and the soulful groove of old school r&b influences.

Rhythm and Soul Singer-Songwriter Joseph Konty Releases New "LoveSpell" Album

LogoSince his youth, guitarist/singer and songwriter Joseph Konty has been entertaining his fans with soulful acoustic pop, dance and r&b ballads. His new album, "LoveSpell," is a continuation of his craftiness as a multi-talented musician whose music is riddled with themes of peace, love and happiness. Joseph's 10th studio album, "LoveSpell," is now available on iTunes at http://buff.ly/1xBaJQv, Amazon and CD Baby.