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AmeriDrill, Inc. Now Providing Estimates for Summer Drilling Projects in Pennsylvania

LogoAs conditions vary, drill sites will have a different terrain and quality of soil for projects to be completed. Aiming to provide their clients with the best drilling techniques that meet safety regulations, establishing trust for future projects, AmeriDrill, Inc. utilizes advanced machinery with knowledgeable drillers to get the job done right. To determine the size of the project, and the terrain of land they are working with, the company is pleased to announce they are providing estimates on their services for summer drilling projects in Pennsylvania.

AmeriDrill, Inc. Announces Addition of Vermeer 36 X 50 Navigation Drill

LogoWith the varying conditions of drilling areas in the greater Philadelphia area, AmeriDrill, Inc. strives to provide the best and safest drilling procedures for their clients. As machines are continually increasing their performance capabilities, it is important to utilize the advancing technologies that expertly handle the challenges of directional drilling in PA. AmeriDrill, Inc. is proud to announce they have added the Vermeer 36 x 50 navigator for their operations.

AmeriDrill, Inc. Proud to Announce Representation on Animal Planet's Ice Cold Gold

LogoDrilling companies have a routine, but every once in a while an opportunity presents itself where drillers are able to escape the confines of their rigs and soil/water samples to pursue a once in a lifetime opportunity. AmeriDrill, Inc. is proud to announce one of their own drillers, Americo DiSantis has agreed to rejoin the cast of Animal Planet’s Ice Cold Gold for Season 2 that started this spring. The reality series features eight miners and drillers who use their knowledge and expertise in the drilling industry to strike gold. On site in Greenland, the participants are placed in a ruby-rich location, one that is isolated and secluded from any human activity. The gems are there, but will they be found?

AmeriDrill, Inc. Installing Monitoring Wells in New Jersey This Spring

LogoAs the seasons change, some things stay constant. With the quality of water an increasing concern among consumers and residents, AmeriDrill, Inc. is announcing their continued services for installing monitoring wells in New Jersey this spring. The company is licensed by the state of New Jersey for installation and abandonment services for monitoring wells.

AmeriDrill, Inc. Now Offering Estimates for Spring 2014 Drilling Projects

LogoAs AmeriDrill, Inc. has had a busy winter with their reliable and safe pipe installations, well monitoring, and horizontal directional drilling in PA, the trusted drilling company will continue to break ground with their innovative drilling techniques. With the accumulation of snowfall and frozen terrain, it is a difficult time of year for any drilling project to be completed. For those in need of directional drilling, the professional contractors from AmeriDrill, Inc. are pleased to announce they are now offering estimates for all spring 2014 drilling projects in the tri-state area.

AmeriDrill, Inc. Continuing Their Services for Horizontal Drilling Through January

LogoAs an established and trusted drilling contractor on the east coast, AmeriDrill, Inc. is pleased to announce they are continuing their services for horizontal drilling throughout the month of January. In what has been the busiest winter for the company, they have consistently been contracted for pipe installation, drilling, and well monitoring in New Jersey since the winter season began. Utilizing high-quality equipment and years of experience in the field, the professionals from AmeriDrill, Inc. implement horizontal drilling techniques that are efficient and cost-effective for their clients.

AmeriDrill Inc. Now Available for Pipe Bursting and Pipe Ramming Projects

LogoAmeriDrill Inc., a leader in precision pipe replacement applications throughout the Tri-State area, is pleased to announce they are currently available for pipe bursting and pipe ramming projects for commercial properties this November. When it comes to pipe bursting and pipe ramming procedures, AmeriDrill Inc. offers over 75 years worth of knowledge on how to perform this type of pipe replacement proficiently. Pipe ramming, a popular method of installing pipe or casing and is a useful way to install with limited distances to the surrounding area.

AmeriDrill Inc. Announces Continuation of Geothermal Drilling Services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

LogoAmeriDrill Inc., one of the leading drilling companies of NJ and PA, is pleased to announce the continuation of their geothermal drilling services for New Jersey and Pennsylvania property owners. The drilling company has been offering geothermal drilling services for many years, working with property owners who want to save money and help the environment by using geothermal energy. Property owners in New Jersey and Pennsylvania looking to cut monthly costs and lessen their carbon footprint can contact AmeriDrill Inc. today.

AmeriDrill, Inc. Announces Advancements in Pipe Ramming and Bursting Technology

LogoAmeriDrill, Inc., an innovative drilling company of PA, is pleased to announce advancements in pipe ramming and bursting technology. Pipe ramming is an effective alternative for placing steel casing underneath existing structures such as railroads, roads, as well as landscapes and bodies of water. Pipe ramming is one of the most popular methods due to many advantages such as lower set-up time, and reduced equipment and maintenance costs. AmeriDrill, Inc. is a drilling company that is committed to being hands-on during the entirety of each pipe ramming and bursting job they do in the PA, NJ, DE and surrounding states. Communities in this area instill their trust in the drilling company because the staff makes sure each project is safe and secure for their employees and surrounding residents living in the area.

AmeriDrill Inc. Announces New Advantages to Horizontal Directional Drilling in New York and PA

LogoWith over 75 years of combined experience in the industry, AmeriDrill Inc. understands the importance of horizontal directional drilling. Now, the company announces new advantages to horizontal directional drilling in New York and PA. Residential and commercial properties that require additional utility installation have benefitted greatly from the horizontal directional drilling service provided by AmeriDrill Inc. Horizontal directional drilling can be used at minimal costs, compared to “open cut” methods, and provides less disruption to landscaping. There is no digging across soil involved with this style of drilling. Horizontal directional drilling provides better opportunities to locating underground pipes. Horizontal directional drilling has revolutionized the entire drilling industry. No longer do people need to rely on an excavation crew to destroy residential or commercial property, only to dig trenches to make room for pipe installation.