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Dr. Kevin Schmidt Offers One-Appointment Crowns for Ann Arbor Dental Patients with Latest Technology

LogoDr. Kevin Schmidt, dentist in Ann Arbor, Michigan is offering patients the latest technology to give them more convenience and better oral health. With CEREC technology Dr. Schmidt has incorporated in his office, he is able to offer high quality ceramic crowns for patients in just one office visit. This technology eliminates the need for patients to schedule two or more office visits for crowns that are traditionally needed with standard fabrication practices. CEREC is some of the latest technology available in the dental industry that uses CAD/CAM technology to digitally design and fabricate ceramic restorations.

Ann Arbor Dentist Dr. Kevin Schmidt Offers Latest Solution for Replacing Missing Permanent Teeth

LogoDr. Kevin Schmidt in Ann Arbor, MI is helping dental patients who have experienced missing permanent teeth due to injury, decay, or other health problems find a lasting, permanent solution with the use of dental implants. This procedure is the most advanced solution offered in the industry currently for the replacement of missing teeth and restores full function to the patient's mouth, unlike other partial tooth replacement procedures like denture, partial dentures, or bridges.