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If you're looking for a new way to add a kick to your wardrobe by wearing the latest fashion trends but don't want to go too crazy, then these style guide fashion innovations are just the thing you are looking for. Introduces Valentines Dresses for Under £60 is the UK’s first fashion TV and virtual shopping centre. This week, introduces beautiful valentine dresses for under £60. Apart from viewing short fashion shows, viewers can purchase from different retailers on one platform. There is a single checkout system, where you can buy from as many retailers as you like without ever leaving the site. Introduces New Trends Featuring Pastel and Sherbet Shades the UK’s first fashion TV and virtual shopping centre. This week, shows you how to wear pastel hues and sherbet shades for any occasion. As well as producing short fashion TV shows viewers are able to purchase from all the retailers featured with a single check out, helping consumers with a convenient shopping experience. Introduces a Luxurious Collection for the Fall Season

Malachite, garnet and carnelian are some of the preferred hues this fall season. These shades will help you create a dramatic look and move beyond the traditionally sweet or flirtatious avatar. features some of the exotic-looking gowns, in exquisite jewel tones. Launches a New Show Featuring a Ladylike Trend Based on a 1970s Look is fashion television on the Internet together with a virtual shopping mall hosting many different retailers on the same platform. Updating viewers with the latest fashion trends, offers a single checkout across all brands, making it easy for buyers to purchase from multiple retailers on one site. Introduces Exclusive “Bright” As a Part of Their Summer Collection offers an extraordinary shopping experience on the web. With an exclusive assortment of retailers on one platform, consumers can choose from a variety of national and international brands. In order to make it convenient for the buyers, there is a single checkout across all retailers. Launches the UK’s First Fashion TV & Online Shopping Centre for Women is an online shopping centre, which hosts global brands on one platform. Although the site was launched only a few months ago, it has already gained huge popularity. There are many retailers featured on the site, however there is a central check out system to simplify the shopping process. From high-end fashion designer wear to high street brands, consumers are likely to get everything all from the same platform.

All in the Jeans – Stylemetv’s Latest Fashion Show Focuses on Jeans

Just like shoes, a girl can never have too many pairs of jeans. From wide-leg to skinny, high-waisted to cropped, jeans are a wardrobe staple that dominate the catwalk every season. This week we present three shows with Hannah, Sundal and Vanessa to show you how to wear our much-loved styles.