Antlion Audio

Antlion Audio Announces First USB Attachable Microphone

LogoAntlion Audio (, the leader in attachable microphones for gaming, streaming and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), returns to their core lineup in a major way. Following the success of the ModMic Wireless, Antlion has taken the digital learning and applied it to their wired product line to create the ModMic USB. This microphone is the first native USB attachable microphone on the market, with unmatched quality and consistency across devices. Additionally, the ModMic 4 is upgraded to the new ModMic Uni. This traditional 3.5mm terminating ModMic has upgraded internals to create the highest quality noise-canceling mic of its kind.

Antlion Audio ModMic Gains XLR Compatibility

LogoAntlion Audio (, leader in customizable audio solutions for gaming, streaming and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), today announced the Antlion XLR Power Converter. This new accessory allows their award-winning ModMic lineup to be safely used with standard 48v 3-pin XLR phantom power sources on mixers and audio interfaces. Designed with streamers and casters in mind, the combination of a ModMic 5 and XLR Power Converter provides a vast array of options for users to produce broadcast quality sound, without the hassle, bulk, and cost of a desktop mic with shock mount.