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App Developers UK Reveals Mobile App Push Notifications to Engage Consumers

Writing for the website, columnist Natasha Clark makes it clear that the development of mobile applications is necessary for businesses to make strides in the consumer marketplace. Natasha Clark explains, "The use of a mobile app is the best way to develop a more profitable business. A mobile app can increase traffic to your sales effort in particular with younger consumers. The price of your entry into the world of mobile applications need not be steep, but it should encompass new trends and emerging mobile technologies."

App Developers UK Announces Innovative New Small Business App Development Program

App Developers UK, a leading developer of applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms, announced a new program aimed at helping small businesses acquire cost-effective, custom-made mobile apps for their operations. The new service will allow even those businesses of smaller scale than is normally associated with such projects to take advantage of the power and business-enhancing abilities of custom mobile apps and represents a significant advancement for the industry. App Developers UK creates highly targeted, high quality mobile apps for a variety of clients in the United Kingdom and around the world.