Applian Technologies Inc.

New Streaming Media Recorder Captures Previously Unrecordable Online Video and Audio

Applian Technologies today announced the release of Replay Media Catcher, the first ever Online Video and Audio recorder for streaming Flash and MP3 sites. Replay Media Catcher allows customers to capture perfect digital reproductions from previously unrecordable premium destinations like,, MySpace™ and thousands of others, as well as popular places like YouTube™ and Google Video.

Applian Technologies Releases An Easy to Use Audio/Video Editor for Online Media

Applian Technologies today announced the release of Replay Media Splitter, an easy-to-use audio and video editor for online media files. The program, which works on the most popular audio formats (MP3 and WMA) and video formats (AVI, WMV & ASF) allows customers to remove portions of media from audio and video files.

New Streaming Video and Radio Recorder Creates Files That Play on Any Device

Applian Technologies today announced Replay A/V version 8, a versatile all-in-one streaming media recorder and file converter. Replay A/V 8 will capture video clips and music, record live, schedule recordings, and automatically convert to 36 different video and audio formats.