Arizona Advanced Dentistry: Donald Clifford, DDS

Don Clifford, DDS Warns, "Ignore Gum Disease and You Risk Type 2 Diabetes"

LogoControlling periodontal disease is essential to oral health. Proper care involves brushing twice a day, using floss to clean between teeth, eating healthy foods and cutting down on snacks and sugary or acidic drinks. Patients are encouraged to make and keep regular appointments with Dr. Clifford for teeth cleaning and exams.

Dr. Donald Clifford Offers No Fear Dentistry

LogoApprehension in the area of dental treatment is a typical phobia. Half of the population is nervous regarding a visit to the dentist or having dental treatments. “All of our staff has many years of experience in taking good care of the needs and concerns of our more fearful patients,” states Dr. Clifford. “If all you want us to do is merely sit down and talk about any worries you may have during a scheduled visit, we will be happy to do that – you being at ease throughout the appointment is a top priority.”

Dr. Donald Clifford Screens All Patients for Oral Cancer with ViziLite Plus

LogoDr. Donald Clifford states, “Oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases when it’s caught early. That’s why we are using ViziLite Plus.” An annual ViziLite Plus exam, combined with your regular visual examination, provides a complete oral screening procedure. The ViziLite Plus exam is painless and fast, and could help save your life. ViziLite Plus is performed immediately following a regular visual examination.

Mesa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Don Clifford Offers Exquisite Veneers

LogoMesa AZ cosmetic dentist, Dr. Donald Clifford explains that "our cosmetic dentistry patients in the Phoenix / Mesa area expect perfection in our cosmetic dental artistry."

Dr. Donald Clifford Expresses Concerns About Sleep Apnea

LogoDr. Donald Clifford, Arizona Advanced Dental, has big concerns about snoring even if it appears not to hurt the snorer because the snorer is asleep and can’t hear the noisy rumbles. Research shows that you are hurting your body and brain when you spend hours every night snoring.

Dr. Donald Clifford Invited to Be Contributing Author

LogoThe Dental Library of Mesa is meant to offer important news and information about changes and opportunities in dentistry specific to families in the Mesa area.

Dr. Donald Clifford Now Offers Ultra-Fast Smile Straightening

LogoEveryone would like to have a straight, perfect smile, but few people are born with one. Most often, smiles are marred by at least one or two turned or crooked teeth.