Truth About Guys You Deal With on Web

ArmCode today announces the release of the second major version of Alien IP, a trace routing tool. The program can locate any remote domain on the map and display its IP address and geographic coordinates. Alien IP v2.30 can also ping the address to see if the target host is up or not. It handles equally well individual IP addresses, IP ranges and lists from web logs. Integrated IP Calculator will help you translate an IP address into alternative numerical notations and calculate its range and subnet. Enhanced with the new features, Alien IP v2.30 better satisfies user needs and provides additional comfort of use.

Utility Finds out Specific Information about IP Addresses and Domains in Seconds

ArmCode development team today announces the unveiling of Arm Whois v.2.10. This utility is designed specially for network administrators and computer security professionals, who need correct and fast retrieval of all country information for an IP-address or a hostname, allocated IP-address blocks and other network data details. At present, when hundreds of domains resembling each other appear everyday, Arm Whois becomes a real must-have tool not only for network and PC security professionals but also for ordinary users.