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The 'Last of the Capones' Tells the Inside Scoop on One of the World's Most Notorious Men

"Contrary to public opinion, Al Capone did not die in prison and he did not die of syphilis," states Deirdre Marie Capone. The grand niece who lived in the house of her famous (and favorite) uncle knew him well and recalls the man who taught her to ride a bike, swim, and play the mandolin. Already a best-seller on Amazon, her explicit memoir, Uncle Al Capone…The Untold Story From Inside His Family (Recap Publishing LLC), tells many never-before-known facts about this iconic figure's life and death.

Uncle Al Capone - The Untold Story from Inside His Family - By the Last of the Capones

Deirdre Marie Capone lived in the house of the infamous Al Capone, her uncle. He taught her to swim, ride a bike, and play the mandolin. In her tell-all memoir, Uncle Al Capone-The Untold Story From Inside His Family (Recap Publishing LLC), Deirdre, the last member of the family born with the name Capone, shares what it was really like growing up a Capone - definitely not the way most people would have imagined it to be. It is the only book ever written about America's most notorious mobster by someone who knew him well.

Author Ron Frost Offers a Fresh Approach to End the Ongoing Debate on Evolution, Without Taking Sides, in His Book Religion Versus Science

A lover of the outdoors, Frost has spent many hours on canoeing trips in different parts of the world, providing him ample time for meditation and connecting with his own spirituality. Also, his qualifications as a professor enable him to lay out the facts of evolution that nearly everyone can agree on! The earth is immensely old, life can be traced to one ancient predecessor, and creatures have changed progressively over time.

Crime Never Takes a Vacation - One Expert Shares Secrets That Intruders Don't Want You to Know

Our poor economy has added to a dramatic increase in burglaries and home invasions - with one taking place every twelve seconds in our country. Home security alarms offer minimal protection when a door is kicked in because the criminal has already made it inside! The idea is to keep them out! Alan Young, realizing there was nothing out there that would offer total protection from this, formed a company and invented a line of products that offers homeowners total protection from kick-ins - guaranteed! Young has been featured on The Today Show, CBS Early Show and The Discovery Channel.