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The Worst Burglary Rates in the UK: Associated Security Comments

After analysing insurance quotes has revealed that Ilford in east London has the highest burglary rates in the UK. analysed a gigantic 1.8million home insurance quotes from over the past five years in order to determine the IG4 postcode suffers the worst rates of burglary, and this isn't all that they discovered either. It quickly became apparent that out of the 20 top UK burglary hotspots, London locations took up a whopping 16 places.

Associated Security Urge All to Consider Access Control and Its Importance

One of the UK's industry leaders in the supply, installation and service of sophisticated security products Associated Security, has recently been urging all to consider the importance of access control.

Bank of England Encourages Retailers to Check Banknotes: Associated Security Comments

With the Christmas period typically seeing an increased risk of counterfeit banknotes being passed, The Bank of England is urging all retailers to ensure that all banknotes passed in transactions are checked, and also encouraging employees to make sure that their staff members know how to spot counterfeit notes and are aware the procedures that should take place when in doubt. Failing to recognise counterfeit notes can not only result in a business's losing money but also retailers reputations being damaged should they be accidentally passed on to the public.

Pawnbrokers Urged to Evaluate Storage Methods

With the Christmas period quickly approaching people across the UK are starting to look to raise money for gifts and decorations – with many utilising pawnbroking services to quickly access much needed temporary cash. In line with this, it is now more important than ever for pawnbrokers to evaluate their storage methods, ensuring that they have got the most appropriate safes in place to secure peoples highly valued possessions.

Five Facts About the New £5 Polymer Notes: Associated Security Comments

The new polymer £5 notes made using incredibly thin and flexible plastic have now been released and are in circulation throughout England and Wales, and in line this with the BBC have revealed five things that everyone should know about these new and improved notes. These are as follows:

Associated Security Offer Solution to Stop Latest ATM Scam

You have probably seen all over the news that criminal gangs have found a brand new way to take people's money; a way in which only takes them mere seconds. Using distraction techniques criminals are now causing scenes to grab people's attention, and whilst looking away, they're quickly swapping their cards for fakes – after looking over their shoulders to catch their PIN numbers that is.

Associated Security Reveal Five Important Things to Consider for All Businesses Looking to Purchase Safes

The UK's industry leader of the supply, installation and service of sophisticated and quality security products Associated Security have recently revealed five important considerations for all looking to purchase safes for business. In their most recent blog post, here are the six things that the company urged people to think about:

Associated Security Now Offering Innovative Polymer Ready Security Solution

It has been announced that the next Bank of England notes (£5, £10 and £20) are going to be printed on polymer, with the new £5 note being issued in September 2016, the £10 note in 2017 and the £20 note by 2020. Polymer banknotes are advantageous for many reasons; they are cleaner, more secure and more durable than the current paper banknotes. It is anticipated that they will also offer improved counterfeit resilience and improve the quality of banknotes in circulation.

Uk Security Legislation to Be Challenged in Landmark Hearing

UK security legislation has come under fire at the European Court of Justice (ECJ). In an emergency hearing, the ECJ will assess whether bulk data collection is allowed as outlined in the UKInvestigatory Powers Bill (IP bill) which is currently under parliamentary review. Judges will ascertain whether self-authorised data retention by security companies breaches European Privacy law. The upcoming Investigatory Powers Bill will be largely impacted upon by the decision of the ECJ.

Retail Fraud London Exhibition Highlights Importance of Deposit Safes

Deposit safes appear to be an increasingly important purchase for modern businesses, as emphasized by announcements that the Retail Fraud London exhibition will be taking place on the 21st April, with a number of secure solutions due to be on display. This also draws particular attention to what appears to be a growing popular focus for businesses; improving the security of cash on site. It raises the point that retailers especially are a major modern target market for solutions such as deposit safes, because although retail fraud and methods of carrying it out advance over time, it is still not a match for traditionally-secure, time-serving solutions such as deposit safes.