Association of Shareware Professionals

Software Developers' Trade Organization Modernizes Its Name

After 23 years of serving the software development industry as the Association of Shareware Professionals, the ASP has changed its name to the Association of Software Professionals. The new name reflects ASP's influence in converting nearly all of the software publishing industry to the try-before-you-buy model, as well as ASP's commitment to continue to guide independent software publishers in innovative new software development and marketing strategies.

Association of Shareware Professionals 2008: New Officers and New Objectives

ASP has been raising software industry standards since 1987 by providing its members with useful, professional content and business know-how support. To implement the 2008 strategy, the ASP has elected 4 officers and 8 collaborators with relevant experience in running and caring for software commerce enterprises, including all of the following aspects: development, security, sales, software e-commerce, marketing, web marketing, public relations, affiliate marketing, customer service, event management, and sales consultancy for software authors.