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Enjoying Thanksgiving While Protecting the Teeth

LogoReasonably enjoy cookies and cupcakes. These foods often have a high sugar content, which can cause bacteria and decay of the tooth. This applies to soda as well another Thanksgiving staple: eggnog. Caramel corn is a good little calorie holiday treat but the caramel may affix itself to the teeth and the kernels can lodge in the teeth and possibly pull out fillings.

Tooth Health for Coffee Drinkers

LogoAfter drinking coffee, fluoride-free water should be used to rinse. The water will assist with neutralizing the coffee's acidity while also preventing stains that are typical from frequent coffee drinking. Brushing after a cup of coffee is important but it is best to wait about an hour before brushing to avoid eroding the teeth enamel.

Fighting the Effects of Halitosis

LogoThe majority of people with halitosis simply need to change up their dental hygiene habits. The moment a portion of food or drink is consumed, liquid and food particles will begin to break down and may lodge themselves in and around the teeth. If a person does not brush or floss, it may result in a plaque coating which, in turn, will cause bad breath.

Bright Smiles for the New School Year

LogoChildren should pay a visit to the dentist a minimum of twice a year to ensure their oral health is in good shape and to have their teeth cleaned. Being proactive means a child does not have to miss school due to a toothache or tooth decay.

Save Big on Invisalign at Miami's Assure a Smile

LogoInvisalign has been chosen by countless patients looking to straighten their smile and further complement their existing natural beauty. As its name suggests, Invisalign is clear, comfy to wear, and it allows patients lots of convenience. Invisalign is known for being discreet so that only the patient is aware they are being worn as they are indeed "invisible" to others. With Invisalign dentist, patients are able to create their dream smile with style while further improving their confidence.

Proper Nutrition May Help with Periodontitis

LogoA Journal of Clinical Periodontology study took a close look at how an anti-inflammatory diet would affect an individual's periodontal health. Since periodontitis is inflammation, it was safe to assume that the effects would more than likely lead to positive results.

A More Confident Smile with CEREC Technology

LogoFor broken or cracked teeth, CEREC technology can be a great solution if extensive dental work is not required. Most patients are able to receive a customized crown in as little as one visit, which is better able to preserve the original tooth.

The Importance of Proper Flossing

LogoFlossing teeth before brushing is one of the many ways to maintain oral health and keep the teeth clean. By removing debris from between teeth, flossing assists tremendously in keeping the gums and teeth healthy when brushing. Regular flossing also assists with the prevention of leftover food build up, which is typically responsible for causing foul breath.