Asura Technologies Ltd.

Asura Technologies Announces the Opening of U.S. Branch in Tandem with Exhibits at IPI & NPA

LogoPoised to bring uncomplicated integration and flexibility to license plate recognition (LPR) solutions in the United States, Asura Technologies announces their expansion. With their newly-opened office near Philadelphia, the Budapest-based IT company brings with it an easily-adoptable approach to parking and traffic management. Camera vendor independent, the Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) is a plug and play application that enables LPR technology in any new or existing traffic or parking data collections system. Connecting to any IP camera, it detects vehicles and license plates without external triggering. It then stores data and pushes it on demand to deliver crisp images that have resulted in a 98% recognition rate globally.

Asura Technologies Ltd. Introduces Camera Independent LPR System That Runs on Simplicity

LogoMaking LPR news, Asura Technologies Ltd. introduces the revolutionary license plate recognition software system, ARU. ARU, or the Asura Recognition Unit, is a camera independent LPR system that enables integrators to do something they've never done before - increase effectiveness and reduce setup costs. First on task is making sure users avoid expensive LPR solutions like mounted cameras that work in tandem with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Instead, this system offers a new tact. With unheard of easy integration, Asura provides a universal LPR solution that helps system integrators set up their LPR-based car access control-, parking-, and automated tolling systems easier. Think, turnkey. Now think, integrating an OCR engine in any ANPR system with a proprietary software solution that's as intuitive as it is innovative.