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Tip Sheet: Non-CDL Buses Are Saving Organizations Money

As businesses and non-profit organizations continue to work with tight budgets, many are using non-CDL buses and vans to transport people while saving money. When compared to larger buses that require a CDL to operate, non-CDL buses and vans are much less expensive. Here is how organizations are saving money with these vehicles.

2015 Model Year Buses from Krystal and Eldorado National Are Now Available

Atlantic Bus Sales, is the number one source for New Bus Sales and Used Buses in Pompano Beach, FL. They are proud to announce the new 2015 Model Bus Order Banks are open for Eldorado Buses and Krystal Buses, If you have been waiting for a new 2015 bus, orders can be placed at this time. Eldorado National and Krystal Buses are leaders in the industry because of their high quality vehicles. Their buses feature a steel cage design and exceptional safety features. Not only are these buses cost effective, but they will endure the test of time.