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Winter Makes Commercial Cleaning More Important Than Ever

LogoMost people spend less time outdoors during the winter because of both freezing winter temperatures and the build-up of snow that can hinder their travel from place to place. As a result, businesses that are reliant on a regular stream of visitors for their revenue-making tend to suffer, meaning that they need all of the marketing advantages that they can get to make up for the effects of the season. One such example is commercial cleaning from a reputable contractor such as Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc., which can have a bigger impact on a business's marketing than most people would expect.

Winter Means Businesses Need Commercial Cleaning More Than Ever

LogoClean premises make a business look professional, thus increasing the chances of its potential customers choosing to shop inside instead of heading elsewhere. As a result, commercial cleaning services can have a surprising impact on the effectiveness of a business's sale efforts, which is even truer in winter than in the other seasons. After all, wintertime conditions such tends to create a huge mess with traffic.

Businesses Should Prepare for Winter While There Is Still Time

LogoThe start of winter will be on December 21. As a result, there is still time for businesses to prepare their premises for wintertime conditions, which will be critical for extending their useful life spans as much as possible. In contrast, those that fail to take the proper precautions can expect nothing, but increased damage and deterioration from the constant exposure to the freezing cold, leading to higher costs when the eventual thaw comes.

Don't Overlook the Importance of a Clean Parking Lot

LogoMany business owners often don't think about the importance of cleaning the parking lot. They assume that the wind will carry the items away or that someone else will come along and pick the item up. Then there are those who just assume that people will be respectful and not leave trash on the parking lot to begin with. As much as one might want to think the best, that isn't always the case. Parking lots can quickly become cluttered with garbage and debris, making it hard for customers to try and navigate their way to the business.

Fall Is a Good Time to Clean and Maintain Paved Surfaces

LogoFall is here, which means that winter is on its way. That's why businesses should get started on preparing themselves for wintertime conditions as soon as possible. These preparations should include cleaning and maintenance of all paved surfaces, as this will spell the difference between the surfaces either cracking and coming apart when exposed to the harshness or outlasting winter.

Summer Brings About More Garbage and Debris in Parking Lots

LogoSummer always brings out more people to businesses everywhere. While business is always a good thing for business owners, it also means more trash and debris is going to be thrown into the parking lot. The last thing any business owner wants is to have a parking lot full of garbage. Not only does it look unsightly, but it could pose a major hazard to customers coming into the business. Just imagine how much damage it could do to the business if a customer were to slip and fall on a banana peel on their way into the establishment.

Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning Is Adopting Green Cleaning

LogoAtlantic Sweeping and Cleaning, Inc has focused its efforts on ensuring that environmental sustainability is made a reality with its adoption of green cleaning procedures and service. With most cleaning services making use of powerful agents to achieve the sparkle and shine desired, the focused shift from this guarantees that the company will play its role in encouraging sustainability and reducing degradation.

Summer Is a Good Time to Maintain Paved Surfaces

LogoLike other land improvements, paved surfaces can deteriorate over time, which makes them less and less useful to their owners. As a result, businesses to need to make sure that their paved surfaces receive the right care and maintenance on a regular basis since that will extend to their useful lifespans to the maximum extent, thus ensuring maximum value for their infrastructure investments. Summer is a good time to maintain paved surfaces because of both the increase in traffic and the increase in UV radiation.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. Improves Services with New High-Dump Air Sweeper

LogoAtlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. is pleased to announce its acquisition of a new high-dump air sweeper, which has been put to immediate use in fulfilling its renewed contract concerning Interstate 66. Once this is complete, the new machine will be seeing use in the rest of its municipal sweeping services, which should come as welcome news to municipalities throughout Virginia, Maryland and DC.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning Is Sweeping Parking Lots Everywhere

LogoWarm weather is upon most of the nation. With warmer weather comes the need to clean out different areas around businesses everywhere. One of the main areas of concern is often the parking lot. All of the snow and slush can leave behind quite a mess when all is said and done. At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, any remains from the winter will be eliminated with their parking lot cleaning.