Best MXF Converter and MXF Editor - Aunsoft TransMXF Has Been Released Recently

LogoIt is really good news for MXF camcorder users that Aunsoft Studio has recently released a new product for converting MXF files to other formats or devices. As a great MXF converter, TransMXF has many differences from other converters. The best advantage of TransMXF lies on the best support of MXF camcorders produced by different companies. MXF is a special HD video format which has been put to use in many high-end camcorders such as Cannon XF series and Panasonic P2HD series. Files are saved onto the P2 memory card in MXF format allowing direct data transfer to broadcasting and production system. Aunsoft TransMXF is a useful conversion tool for Panasonic P2 and Canon XF users or any other kinds of camcorders that shoot videos in MXF format. TransMXF enables users to enjoy memories on computer, to further edit video from camcorders, or to share camcorder videos online in web-friendly format. Furthermore, users can load and control camcorder videos on popular portable devices including iPad, Nexus One, HTC Hero, Zune, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, iPhone whenever and wherever.

Aunsoft Unveil Final Mate 1.7 With Lossless MKV Output for WD TV Live Plus

LogoAunsoft Studio, the leading camcorder software provider, today announced Final Mate v1.7 with lossless MKV output with the request and demands of lossless joining camcorder videos to media players like WD TV Live Plus.

Aunsoft Final Mate 1.6 Supported for Lossless Output and Conversion Simultanenously

LogoAunsoft Studio announces that Final Mate version 1.6 is available with frame accurate splitting for lossless cutting and joining AVCHD camcorder files on Windows.

Aunsoft Final Mate V1.6 Is Newly Announced With Frame Accurate Editing

LogoAunsoft has shipped an update of its camcorder assistant software, Final Mate V1.6. This update ensures software users a more stable-going and higher quality of camcorder editing and converting software.

Aunsoft Updates Mac Converter Product Line

LogoMarch 28th, Aunsoft updated its converting product line for Mac, with this update Apple ProRes format will be supported better.

Aunsoft Video Converter Updated to Version

LogoMarch 22, Aunsoft Studio updated its Aunsoft Video Converter by optimizing the function of file importing and making it more powerful and fluent in video conversion. The current version of Aunsoft Video Converter is Version

Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac Supports Panasonic Lumix GH2 AVCHD (Lite) Converting

LogoAunsoft Studio is pleased to announce that its best seller-Video Converter for Mac can perfectly work as a DSLR camcorder Video Converter on Mac OS.

Aunsoft MTS Converter for Mac Achieves Camcorder Video Playing in PS3 or Apple TV

LogoAunsoft announces that its flagship of MTS Converter for Mac supports streaming camcorder AVCHD files from Sony, Canon, Panasonic to PS3, Apple TV for playing on HDTV. Merge recorded clips into big one, convert them to PS3 or Apple TV compatible video formats, store them in Synology NAS, and play or share them on HDTV anytime for anyone is just at one’s fingertip.

Aunsoft Updates Final Mate with Fixing Software Bugs

LogoAunsoft Final Mate, the professional camcorder editing software, has been updated to the latest version with fixing several bugs.

[Steve Jobs iPad 2] Best Video Settings for iPad 2 via Aunsoft Blu-ray to iPad 2 Video Converter

LogoAunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac, working perfectly as iPad 2 Blu-ray video converter has a nice performance in streaming Blu-ray/DVD/TiVo/AVCHD/AVI/MP4 files to Steve Jobs iPad 2.