Best TS Converter on Mac - Trim/Edit Humax Recorded TS files

LogoAunsoft Video Converter for Mac, working as a perfect TS files converter, has been notified to support the Humax PVR TS files and Hauppauge HD PVR TS videos.

Aunsoft Launches AVCHD Lite Converter With Apple ProRes and AIC Support

LogoAunsoft MTS/M2TS Convertrt for Mac , working as a AVCHD Lite Converter, updated to support Apple proRes and AIC for editing in FCP, FCE and iMovie.

Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac Updated With Apple ProRes and AIC Support

LogoAunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac, also working as a 1080i de-interlace filter was updated by adding Apple ProRes, AIC, DVCPRO codecs and Avid DNxHD for Mac users.

Aunsoft Launches ProRes and AIC Supported Video Converter for PowerPC

LogoAunsoft Video Converter for Mac is updated to PowerPC version for converting AVCHD/TiVo/VOB/AVI files to Apple ProRes/AIC for editing in FCP, FCE, iMovie.

Top HD Camcorder Software: Aunsoft Final Mate Updated to Latest Version

LogoAunsoft Final Mate, a professional HD camcorder software, has been updated to version by optimizing its interface and features.

Join Aunsoft Facebook Sweepstake to Win Aunsoft Final Mate for Totally Free

LogoFor 2010 first month promotion, Aunsoft Studio presents HD camcorder software –Aunsoft Final Mate at a big discount, even totally free.

Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac Update Natively Supports ProRes and AIC for FCP, FCE, iMovie

LogoAunsoft Video Converter for Mac, working as video to Apple ProRes/AIC Converter, today is updated with adding new profile of Apple ProRes, Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) and Avid DNxHD (*.mov) for FCP, FCE and iMovie.

Time Limited Giveaway of Aunsoft Apple TV 2 Video Converter for 2011 New Year

LogoTo celebrate 2010 Christmas and 2011 New Year, Aunsoft Studio provides 20% off Video Converter for Mac which can convert and stream AVI/TiVo/MKV/VRO/AVCHD Video Files to Apple TV 2.

[2010 Christmas]Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate Now Supports the Newest MKB v20

LogoIn 2010 Christmas and 2011 New Year season, Aunsoft Studio updates Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate by adding the latest MKB v20 Blu-ray support.

2010 Christmas Discount –Free Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac to Convert Christmas Video

LogoTo celebrate 2010 Christmas, anyone who joins Aunsoft Facebook fans will have the opportunity to get the totally free Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac as 2010 Christmas gift.