Avantika University

Avantika University Offers Bachelors Programs in Design to Deliver Thoughtful and Responsible Design Learning

The first design centered university in India, Avantika offers Bachelors programs in Design that enable students to explore new mediums and methods for delivering thoughtful and responsible design solutions. The university offers B.Des courses in system design, industrial design, and communication design. The curriculum of bachelor of design programs is designed on an integrated cross-disciplinary approach and focuses on harmoniously blending design with technology on a solid foundation of liberal education. The fundamental ways of learning under the university's design discipline includes internships, workshops, live project trainings, and other activity oriented practices. Students wishing to have a bright career in the design industry can get admission in the design programs by taking the Common DAT (Design Admission Test).

Avantika University Offers Bachelors Program in Industrial Design Combining Technology and Creativity

Avantika University, India's first design centered university offers Bachelors program in Industrial Design that is a combination of art and engineering knowledge. This program provides an opportunity to broaden the perspective of learning by creative thinking and experimentation. The goal of the bachelors in industrial design program is to provide students with the necessary skills so that they can create and develop new products, without any hassle. The University organizes a range of industrial workshops and seminars to provide an active learning environment that allows students to develop themselves professionally. Those who want to become successful industrial designers can enroll themselves in Bachelor of industrial design program offered at Avantika University.

Avantika University Offers Full-Time Bachelor of Technology Program

Avantika University, a leading design college and school in India, offers Bachelor of Technology programs in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. The goal of their Bachelor of Technology program is to provide students with the necessary skills so that they can create excellent technical solutions to a wide range of industrial and commercial organizations. The academic structure for their bachelor of technology course is the perfect blend of technology and design that can make students global leaders of tomorrow. All of their learning is based on creativity and innovation that encourages students to create something unique and exceptional. The B.Tech programs in mechanical engineering and computer science and engineering are 4-year, full-time residential programs.

Creative Learning Practices to Substitute Traditional Learning Methodology by Avantika University

India's first design university, Avantika University offers full-time and fully-residential four year B. Des (Bachelor of Design) and a two year M. Des (Master of Design) programs respectively. These programs enable students to focus on technical and artistic aspects of communication with an integrated cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach. The learning pedagogy at Avantika fosters creative thinking abilities among the students to help them develop novel ways of growth and development in the future. Internships, workshops, live projects, and other practical erudition practices are the fundamental means of learning under Avantika's design discipline. The students have the option to choose their specialization of interest, namely Industrial Design, System Design and Communication Design.

Avantika University Offers Bachelor and Master Programs in Design with an Objective of Resetting the Learning Pedagogy

Avantika University, India's first design centered university, offers focused and specially crafted bachelor and master programs in design. They are developed based on a new pedagogy conceptualized by some of the great minds from the Indian education fraternity. Moreover, with the explicit objective to encourage and inculcate innovative skills in each student. Design programs have necessary components of hands-on projects, internships, and workshops that follow real-life training that makes the students the most preferred professionals across industries. Avantika programs not just support professional growth, but they also develop student's acumen in innovation and entrepreneurship. They have experienced faculty members who have the required know how to foster a design-led thinking approach to students' learning.

Avantika University Offers UG Programs in Design to Produce Thoughtful and Ethical Designers

Mentored by Dr.Sanjay Dhande, Former Director of IIT Kanpur, Avantika University offers world class UnderGraduate (UG) programs in Design to provide thoughtful and ethical designers of tomorrow. Through their programs, the candidates are provided with multiple opportunities to create original concepts through prototypes.The variety of specialization they offer under UG programs in design includes system design, industrial design, and communication design.They have a team of passionate design and engineering professionals and academicians who make use of the latest technology to render high-quality education with an objective to nurture and cultivate young minds. These individuals are envisaged to function as informed citizens of future. These programs are also available for working professionals, which can help them improve their skills and boost their productivity.

Avantika University Offers Undergraduate Business Program with Unparalleled Opportunities for a Meaningful Career

An MIT Pune campus at Ujjain, Avantika University offers a highly sought-after undergraduate program in Business & Economics that build a strong foundation for students. This program provides knowledge and training for market, finance and business world. An academic model that is designed on an integrated cross-disciplinary approach focuses on providing world-class business education. The University believes that no universal approach suits all participants hence the emphasis is on providing same quality education to each student, thereby providing unparalleled opportunities for a meaningful career.

Avantika University Offers UG Program in Engineering with Multiple Specialisations

One of the top design schools in India, Avantika University, offers UG program in engineering with multiple specialisations, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering, and electronics and communication engineering. All of these Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) programs are focused to enhance the skills of the candidates, and develop technically-grounded leaders of future that can make an impact on the world. These programs are offered for a duration of four years, and created by some of the creative minds of the engineering world. Their Bachelor of Technology programs are aimed at bringing about positive cultural, social, economic, and technological changes in the society, and help individuals secure a better career with lucrative income.

Avantika University Offers Bachelor of Architecture Degree Program in Tandem with Studio and Lab Exposure

Avantika University, India's first design-centered University, offers a residential five-year long Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) degree program. With a state-of-the-art studio experimentation space and laboratory workspaces, the University provides the perfect setting to study architecture. They enable learners with applying critical approaches and putting the theoretical knowledge to work. Avantika also organizes a range of workshops and seminars to provide an active learning environment, allowing students to grow their creativity and criticality.

Simplifying Electronics and Communication Engineering with Avantika University

India's first design centered University, Avantika University, offers a one-of-a-kind Electronics and Communication Engineering program. It is focused on developing a better understanding of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism fundamentals among the aspirants. A four-year UnderGraduate (UG) Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) Engineering Program that equips candidates with the knowledge of the design and application of circuits and equipment of machine control, power generation, distribution, and communication. The Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering comprises tracks like electronic systems, embedded systems, microelectronics, wired communication, wireless communication, and it includes multiple sub-disciplines such as power, control, electronics, signal processing, telecommunications, computers and many others.