Avantika University

Avantika University Plans to Offer Executive Education for Working Professionals

Driven by the spirit of design thinking, Avantika University is actively engaged in devising a practical executive education curriculum to support working professionals. Executive education at Avantika will benefit professionals across a multitude of domains. Avantika is intended to promote professional growth and develop understanding among the participants to become innovators and entrepreneurs. Facilitated with a right platform it will help aspirants to gain new insights to be further successful in their professional lives.

Avantika University to Introduce Unique Learning Pedagogy for Quality Education

Avantika University, India's first design university aspires to change the perspective of higher education. It is a unique academic model based on an integrated trans-disciplinary approach that harmoniously amalgamates design with technology on a solid foundation of liberal education.

Team Avantika Participated in the Mathworks Curriculum Conference Organised at Boston, USA

Professor Sanjay Jain, Director - Design Education with Avantika University participated in the Mathworks Curriculum Conference organised at Boston, USA. Professionals from across the industry came together at the conference and talked about the latest innovations with practical application of MATLAB (a mathematical computing software), Simulink (for Simulation and Model Based Design), and ThingSpeak (in connection with Internet of Things). This all-day event featured multiple industry specific sessions based on industry trends and developments.

India's First Design University Unveils Its Unique Programs

Avantika University is poised to create a unique learning centre from India that explores a new era of creativity, innovation and enterprise.