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Be Part of the Community That Matters and the World That Cares; Support Rebuilding a Place the Rees Family Can Call Home Again!

LogoFire outbreaks do leave many families distressed without any hope of living again. This is usually very possible especially if the only place you call home gets burnt down completely in a raging fire. This is exactly what happened to Dave & Sherryl of Port Perry Canada; they were left with no place to call home. The Rees Family, Dave and Sheryl, lost their home and all of their belongings in a chemical fire one week before their first child Tyson was born. It was an accident! Foundation of Hope has since thought it wise to help give support to this family.

Crowdfunding the Knowledge About the Great Masters of Sacred Speech in Ancient and Medieval India; Help Crowdfund the Production of "the Matrix of Sacred Speech Book"

Logo"The Matrix of Sacred Speech" is a book about reclaiming people’s speech; the source of our knowledge, power, peace, and prosperity. Baba Rampuri who is the author says that he is making a call to reclaim our Speech, which he believes is essential for both our survival and prosperity. Baba has been teaching and writing about Sacred Speech since 1977 but a number of recent events regarding our freedom and privacy of Speech and the wholesale corruption of mass media have made him feel the urgency to share his knowledge and experience about the nature and power of Speech with a wider public.

$125K Crowdfunding Money Needed to Shoot Indie Lucha Libre Film

LogoIndie filmmaker C.M. Landrus has signed up for crowdfunding via Indiegogo to raise $125,000 to start the production of Mission, a science fiction Lucha Libre film. The campaign period lasts from September 16 to October 26, 2013 at 11:59 pm PT.

Support the Homeless, Abused Women and Students in Society with Scholarships and Meals Through Munroe's Jamaican Restaurant

LogoThe Munroe’s family has a dream they want to see come true. Marcia Miller, Program Manager Munroe's Outreach Arm together with other team members are all determined to see the success of this project. They are filled with passion; the love and zeal that they have also enables them to give support to the community and extend the same back at home in Jamaica. Munroe’s Jamaican Restaurant brings to Georgia – a restaurant that marries the Jamaican spirit of laughter and fun with authentic Jamaican cuisine. The friendly staff, food and cultural expressions in Munroe’s Jamaican Restaurant brings everybody the rich flavors of Jamaican foods and treats experienced when visiting the Islands. One of the aims of this project is to generate income through the restaurant to support the homeless, the abused women in society, scholarship and meals for students.

Crowdfunding Breakthrough Palm Leather to Be Used as Sandals and Other Products

LogoPalmetti is a biodegradable slipper made in India, from natural Palm Leather. The man behind Palmetti, Tjeerd Veenhoven, has discovered that when the brittle, shedded bark of the Areca Palm Tree is soaked in a natural oil solution, the bark becomes soft, flexible, and surprisingly leather-like.

Indie Short Film with Scott Wolf and Gary Lewis Nevermind the Bollocks Jumpstarts Their Project on Kickstarter

LogoNever Mind the Bollocks is sure to entice any short film fan. It is a dark comedy starring famous actors Gary Lewis (Gangs of New York) and Scott Wolf (Party of Five).

Habit Foods Introduces First All-Natural, Low-Calorie, Diabetic-Friendly Sweetener on Indiegogo!

LogoMichelle Francis and Corey Winer had been looking for sugar-and-allergy-free food to support their low-calorie, low-glycemic diets. However, it was all in vain. “After growing tired of purchasing products that tasted horrible, were expensive and many times chemically artificial, we decided to create a better quality product. The current market for great-tasting, all-natural sweeteners is practically non-existent, so for our new product, we started here. It took us about three years to create Habitall because we wanted to be sure it was completely natural, healthy and great-tasting.” Thus, they have founded Habit Foods and came up with a breakthrough sugar substitute—Habitall.

Whole Man Ministries of NC Hopes to Build Home4Heroes for Homeless Veterans

LogoNorth Carolina-based non-profit organization, Whole Man Ministries of NC, plans to rehabilitate several duplex buildings marked for demolition and turn them into homes for veterans. Their cry, “Help put our heroes in our homes” echoes as they launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for these homes.

Eco Clip Lets You Create Your Own Notebook from Scratch Paper

LogoEveryday, countless numbers of paper get wasted and thrown away due to accidental printing while some are just thrown away because they are no longer needed. In offices, schools and almost everywhere, papers end up scattered everywhere, taking up space, unused. This uneconomical use of paper adds to our environmental problems. We can lessen our carbon footprint by reusing these old, leftover or scratch paper and maximizing them for other purposes. That’s where Eco Clip comes in.

Australian Writer/Director Writes New Comedy, SMUG

LogoAustralian writer and director, Holly Hargreaves, had an idea for a comedy entitled SMUG. It is about a smug couple who met an everyday single at a mutual friend’s engagement party. Eventually, the superior smug couple is shown up the single.