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BOSS Accounting Outsourcing Specialists Endorse New Video Released by Best Practice Program

LogoAustralia and New Zealand's premier accounting outsource provider gives its support to a newly released video from the Best Practice Program. BOSS says the video aptly gives a first-hand account of the benefits of accounting outsourcing. This welcomed behind-the-scenes look comes from Australian accountant Travis Croucher who is more than happy to share the nuts and bolts of his experience. Having benefitted from a 42% profit increase since incorporating outsource bookkeeping into his business, Croucher is just one of the many who are making the shift to virtual accountants overseas.

New Training Schedule Launched by Back Office Shared Services to Facilitate Successful Accounting Outsourcing

LogoIntegral to so many businesses both in Australia and New Zealand, BOSS announces its latest training schedule for their virtual bookkeepers. Staying abreast of the latest training for Australian accountants, the accounting outsourcing provider will cover everything from livestock valuation to SMSF audit procedures in its courses. Making it so every business can have a virtual accountant that can do anything an in-house Australian accountant does, BOSS keeps its commitment to training comprehensive, consistent, and ongoing.