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BOSS Celebrates with Fourteen Years of Outsource Accounting Services Under Their Belt

LogoBack Office Shared Services (BOSS) celebrates their fourteenth year in business with new goals at the ready for achievement.

New BOSS Outsourcing Accounting Freedom Service Upends Bothersome HR Issues for a Fixed Rate

LogoSure, every business gets busy at certain times of the year. Take May 15th for instance, that's a moment when a full-time accountant is handy to have in-house. But what about the other times of year when, though still employed, the day-to-day chore of keeping the books isn't quite as involved. Unfortunately, businesses still have the chore of keeping up with management issues like employee sick leave, high recruitment and training costs, annual leave, and poor performance which leads to dreaded write-offs. What if there were a way companies could sidestep all that by reducing their in-house staff without sacrificing productivity at any time of year. Now, there is. Back Office Shared Services (BOSS) comes to the rescue with their newly-launched Freedom Service. It's an outsourcing accounting service that offers a fixed fee for dedicated accountants, bookkeepers, or administrative staff all trained in each client's specific procedures. Welcome to freedom.

BOSS Announces New ASIC Administrative Services Done by Accounting Outsourcing Team

LogoHelping accounting firms lighten their workload, Back Office Shared Services (BOSS) announces a new game changer. The accounting outsourcing company based in Australia will do ASIC administration services for accounting firms thanks to their highly-trained staff. Offering outsourced accountants trained in the most recent tax information, BOSS will oversee that all corporate administration complies with the law. A Full Corporate Secretarial Service is offered as well as Annual Review and Notification of Changes to Company Details services.

Back Office Shared Services Reduces SMSF Audit Fees Up to 32% Across the Board for All Clients

LogoGiving clients a more streamlined audit service, BOSS announces their new price reductions for outsourcing accounting work. Poised to help those who run a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), the new lowered fees apply to SMSFs prepared by BOSS or prepared by someone else. Conveniently, clients can choose from three services, for different companies, for any particular years of their choosing. As all SMSFs must be audited annually by an approved auditor, BOSS is on point. The fee reductions are effective immediately for all clients.

New Saturday Training Program Schedule Released by AU and NZ Outsource Accounting Leader, BOSS

LogoBack Office Shared Services (BOSS) announces the release of their Saturday Training Program Schedule for 2017 through 2018. Making outsourcing accounting work the mainstay of booming companies, the program is slated to bolster the efforts of the BOSS team at the ground level. The team is made up of virtual accountants and virtual bookkeepers adept in streamlining the daily process of business accounting for Australia and New Zealand residents. Also servicing clientele who want a virtual bookkeeper on tap for personal accounting, the company is full scale. With a schedule of classes relevant for the income year of 2016-2017 as well as the impact of amendments for 2017-2018, the outlook for current clients' accounting needs is good.

BOSS Announces Flexible Virtual Administrator Program to Curtail in-House Staff Workloads for Busy Businesses

LogoAlways thinking about how to cut the busywork, Back Office Shared Services (BOSS) launches a much-requested program dedicated to streamlining administrative tasks.

Streamlining Operations with Accounting Outsourcing, April Marks a 13-Year Milestone for BOSS

LogoCelebrating thirteen years at the helm of an ever increasing industry, Back Office Shared Services (BOSS) announces their April anniversary. Making outsourcing accounting the smartest choice for accounting firms and business owners, BOSS' tact has proved integral. Thus, the service has broadened its reach this year with new services. Designed to optimize their clients' time, the services give new meaning to enhanced workflow systems, seamless work environments, and specialists on tap. Possibly their greatest accomplishment, however, was their ability to continually save their clients up to 71% in accounting fees.

Rewarding Acuity, BOSS Promotes Two Skilled Staff Members to Reviewer Status

LogoRewarding staff members for a job well done, BOSS announces the promotion of Chinmaya Hegde and Kiran Kumar. An industry leader in Australia and New Zealand for outsourcing accounting, BOSS, continues their commitment to optimum customer service with this news. Hegde and Kumar will now be BOSS Reviewers tasked with training and mentoring new staff. This process incurs a timeframe of six months for each new staff member under their charge and includes the review of all of their work including causal jobs.

BOSS Broadens Its Reach to Serve More Businesses in the Commercial Sector with Outsourcing Accounting Services

LogoInviting small and large businesses interested in adding virtual bookkeeping into their day-to-day operations, BOSS takes their specialty to a new market. Offering the benefits of outsourcing accounting to more businesses in the commercial sector, the Australia-based specialists make myriad advantages reachable. They start with allowing business owners to avoid costly HR issues, sidestep the hassle of recruiting on-site staff members and lowering overhead costs. To kick off this new expanded service and its benefits, BOSS offers a free trial offer of twenty hours of work free of charge.

BOSS Accounting Outsourcing Specialists New Special Offer Rates Give Businesses Up to 71% Savings

LogoDesigned to cut operational costs simply and strategically for business owners, BOSS announces a new remarkable advantage. Making virtual accountants the obvious choice, the accounting outsourcing provider recently released a report showing how business owners can save up to 71% on accounting fees. To that end, they have released what they call Special Offer Rates. The rates, when compared with the costs of maintaining in-house accountants, assure that outsourced bookkeepers not only create added flexibility, they simplify operations while working for a nominal $20.56 per hour.