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Specialist Secured Loan Advisor Pleased to Be Helping Clients Save Money and Secure Business Funding

Credit is hard to come by for some individuals and businesses at the moment, the rising cost of living means that some families are struggling to make ends meet. A secured loan could be the answer for some, secured loans can be used to raise funding for virtually any purpose like reducing monthly outgoings, secured finance is often much cheaper than unsecured finance.

Secured Loans Enable People with Bad Credit to Borrow at Lower Rates Says UK Advisor

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a credit blacklist, every lender scores their potential customers differently and some lenders have more strict lending criteria than others do. In the UK, there are three main credit rating agencies. Of these agencies, Experian is probably the biggest and most well-known.

UK Advisors Say That Their Customers Are Saving Money by Consolidating Their Debts Into One with Secured Loans

Times are tough for many people at the moment, if you own your own home and have equity in it a secured loan can be used to reduce your monthly outgoings in the short-term and even save you money over the long-term. A secured loan enables you to consolidate credit cards, personal loans, etc. the interest rates on this kind of none secured debt are often much higher than the interest rates available to home owners. Store and credit cards are not a good option for longer-term, hard-core borrowing since they often carry very high rates of interest.