Baltimore Innovations Ltd

Baltimore Innovations Offers Highly Effective SupAAlumina Beads Particularly Well-Suited for Air-Drying Applications

Baltimore Innovations offers highly effective SupAAlumina™ beads that are particularly well-suited for air-drying applications. These activated alumina beads have excellent crush strength, meaning that they can be used at the base of tall drying columns. SupAAlumina™ beads can also be used in direct contact with liquids, without swelling, dissolving, or turning into powder. Processed with the utmost precision in temperature controlled environment, these SupAAlumina™ beads can be custom pack as per the client's unique needs. With their highly effective nature, SupAAlumina™ beads are widely used in the compressed-air industry to prevent corrosion in pneumatic doors, machinery and braking systems.

Double the Shelf-Life of Fresh-Cut Fruits with Fresh-R-Pax from Baltimore Innovations

Baltimore Innovations, an outstanding team of award-winning experts helping customers solve moisture damage problems, offers Fresh-R-Pax® absorbent that is especially designed to double the shelf life of cut produce by absorbing the excess processed fluid that is released by fruits. Manufactured in a BRC Accredited facility, Fresh-R-Pax® has been trusted and used by many world-famous fast food outlets for over 15 years to prolong the shelf-life of high water-content fruits like tomatoes, melons, and pineapples. The absorbents from Baltimore Innovations meet EU food contact legislation No 10/2011, and have proven to be an effective packaging solution for freshly-cut fruits.

Baltimore Innovations Offers Molecular Sieve Bags to Prevent Moisture-Damage of Medical Applications

An ISO 9001 certified company, Baltimore Innovations offers molecular sieve bags, SUPERDRYPAK™, which helps medical professionals prevent moisture-damage and corrosion of their applications. The desiccants they provide have a USFDA Type III Drug Master File and comprises high quality beaded Molecular Sieve, which is generally packed in pharmaceutical-grade Tyvek® or non-woven wrapping for high burst-resistance. They have been in this industry for years, and over time have built a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who go that extra mile to better understand their clients' needs, and provide them best solutions within their specific budget. The molecular sieve they offer is a turn-key solution, which allows individuals to install the complete high-speed desiccant packing line.