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With Northern Virginia Flood Risks Come Health Risks, Including Mold and Respiratory Conditions

LogoWater damage is not the only major concern for homeowners when flooding hits, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Virginia basement flooding expert Basement Solutions of Warrenton, VA, notes that damp basements can be breeding grounds for disease. The risk is increasing: In addition to localized home flooding from combined heavy rains and snow melt, the area has been experiencing serious flooding from the Rappahannock River. Unless water entering the basement is remediated, residents are at risk of a variety of mold-related illnesses as well as contaminants brought into the home by the water.

Solving Winter Basement Dampness Problems Can Lead to Substantial Energy Savings

LogoCool temperatures and existing dampness problems can make winter a difficult time to keep the basement dry. Homeowners resort to ineffective dehumidifiers and limited-coverage space heaters to remove moisture and prevent mold and mildew buildup.