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Beach Bike Outlet Introduces Affordable Line of Quality Cruisers

A recent Harvard study revealed that a 135 pound person can burn 420 calories during one hour of moderate cycling, making it a popular exercise for those who are trying to lose weight. In addition, the U.S. Department of Transportation recently reported that more than 27% of Americans ride a bike at least once each summer. With these findings in mind, Beach Bike Outlet has introduced an expanded line of affordable, quality beach cruisers. They are now providing beach bikes, accessories, and parts to meet every rider's needs.

Beach Bike Outlet Expands Comfortable Selections of Bikes to Increasing Online Sales

According to results from the National Household Transportation Survey, approximately 50% of American employees live within five miles of their place of employment. At a 20 minute bike ride pace twice a week, the average person could burn 3,000 calories a month, close to one pound of fat. The growing trend of bike riding is catching hold, says Beach Bike Outlet spokesperson Mike Johnson and shows no signs of letting go. "Whether people are wanting a bike to ride to work or take on a spin around the beach, it's definitely growing in popularity."

Beach Bike Outlet Launches Extended Inventory to Promote Beach Cruiser Culture

According to statistics from the transportation industry, an estimated 60 million Americans participate in bike riding with 41 percent of those doing so for health benefits and 37 percent for simple recreation. While the market is flooded with various bike models and options for riders, the most popular choice is currently Beach Cruiser bikes. Having risen in status to an actual way of life in some parts of the country, these bikes offer a number of benefits as well as amenities to those who love them. In an effort to further promote the Beach Cruiser culture, Beach Bike Outlet has recently launched their extended inventory of bikes, parts and accessories.

Beach Bike Outlet Celebrates Summer with New Bikes, Accessories and More

Introduced in the early 1930s, beach cruiser bikes continue to increase in popularity with those who love to ride. Although a period of time passed in which these bikes faded from the public eye, in the late 1990s, they enjoyed a comeback and many choose this style of bike today. "When the time comes to purchase a beach cruiser, look no further than Beach Bike Outlet for the best in beach and tandem cruisers, lowboys and more. Thanks to low prices and excellent customer service, Beach Bike Outlet remains the preferred online retailer for bikes of this type," Nicole of Beach Bike Outlet declares.

Beach Bike Outlet Now Offering Fun and Affordable Biking Experiences

According to recent information released, women who bicycle for thirty minutes a day have a lower risk of contracting breast cancer than those who do not bike at all. Furthermore, adults who bike on a regular basis have better weight, blood pressure, and insulin levels, than those who do not. For these reasons and many more, Murray Klaich, spokesperson for Beach Bike Outlet, says they are seeing a surge in bike orders from all over the country.