Bella's Bouncies

Bella's Bouncies Announces Their Indoor Family Fun Center Open House on May 18, 2014

Bella's Bouncies announces their free open house, taking place on Sunday, May 18, 2014 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Free food, free admission to the indoor bounce area, and free jumping on giant inflatables are just three of the many fun things planned for the day.

Party Rental Specialist Bella's Bouncies Opens New Indoor Location

Party rental provider Bella's Bouncies announced the opening of a new indoor location. Situated at 1600 North Milwaukee Ave in Lake Villa, Ill., the play center is immediately available for hosting parties and special events. Its two dedicated jump house areas and like number of party rooms make it the perfect place for birthday parties, graduation celebrations and other gatherings. A wide selection of party packages makes it easy and economical for customers to book the facility for their own events.

Jump for Fun with Bella's Bouncies at Your Next Charitable Event

The United States National Philanthropic Trust reports that “Americans gave $298.3 billion in 2011. This reflects a 3.9% increase from 2010. It is estimated total charitable contributions will total between $21.2 to $55.4 trillion in between 1998-2052.” With this in mind, the Bella's Bouncies Company of Chicago seeks to assist charitable organizations and educational institutions in their successful fund raising efforts. Their inflatable amusement equipment can be rented and installed for everything from school festivals, Church or Temple carnivals to more complicated corporate fund raising events.

Bella's Bouncies Launches Inflatable Rentals for Birthday Party Deliveries

In an effort to save money, an increasing number of parents have turned to stay-at-home birthday parties for young children. However, today's technology savvy child is no longer entertained by pin-the-tail on the donkey and other former party favorites. Instead, parents are turning to bigger, more elaborate attractions to celebrate their child's big day. With this in mind, Bella's Bouncies is now offering inflatable rentals for birthday parties, complete with delivery and setup.

Avoid Winter Boredom with the Help of Bella's Bouncies and Their Party Rentals

Life tends to slow down once the holiday season is over and cabin fever can quickly set in. "Schools, churches, organizations and anyone looking to offer entertainment during the long, dreary winter months should consider party rentals as they are a great way to bring people together for an afternoon or evening of enjoyment and the price is very reasonable," Mark Mazzola of Bella's Bouncies proclaims.

Bella's Bouncies Offers Alternatives to Traditional Corporate Holiday Parties

Holiday parties continue to be debated around the water cooler at many companies. The big question tends to revolve around whether a holiday party is necessary and, if so, who should be invited to this party. Some employers choose to host an employee only party while others opt to include the spouse or the entire family. Companies find there are benefits to each option, yet many choose to host a family friendly party as they believe it helps with employee retention and recruiting. "Any company choosing to host a family holiday party should consider making use of Christmas party rentals, such as bounce houses and other inflatable rentals," Mark Mazzola of Bella's Bouncies declares.

Bella's Bouncies Provides Inflatables and More for Fall Festivals

More than a quarter of Americans state Autumn is their favorite time of year, according to Rasmussen Reports, and this may be due, in part, to the number of festivals held in the fall. Autumn continues to be a good time to hold an event as the changing colors adds to the beauty of the event and the cooler weather allows for more outdoor activities. "If you have been put in charge of hosting a fall festival, why not make use of inflatable rentals to draw a larger crowd? With many party rentals to select from, including bounce houses and dunk tanks, you are sure to find an inflatable for every age range," Mark Mazzola of Bella's Bouncies declares.

Bella's Bouncies Launches Annual Discount Offers for School and Church Fall Festivals

Summer inevitably draws to an annual end, bringing with it cooler temperatures and a finalization of leisurely vacation days. This is also the term during which the school year begins and the September through October holiday season arrives. Amidst this time frame, businesses, schools, churches and entire cities hold numerous fall festivals for the enjoyment of local patrons. In consideration of the establishments who plan such events, Bella's Bouncies has launched their annual discount offers for school and church event rentals.

Bella's Bouncies Announces New Extended Hours at Family Fun Center

On the heels of their successful open house June 23rd, Bella's Bouncies spokesperson Mark Mazzola recently announced they've extended their Lake Villa location's open jump hours. Says Mazzola, "Each day is different, but we've expanded our times. Plus, we are also now offering discounts for church and school events and each child will receive a complimentary balloon and popcorn during their visit. Check our online calendar at to view our times."

Bella's Bouncies Launches Campaign to Increase Inflatable Rental Safety

Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicate the number of injuries related to inflatable structures has increased by 1,500 percent over the last 5 years. Although this surge in emergency room visits is attributed largely to the expanding use of such structures for birthday parties, fund raisers and other similar activities, these statistics have had a negative impact on the inflatable rental industry as a whole, leading to tremendous losses of customers and revenue. Until recently, there have been no official guidelines regarding the safety of inflatables. In order to combat these statistics and ensure the safety of all children involved, Bella's Bouncies has launched a campaign to become industry leaders in safety standards.