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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Announces Emergency Plumbing Services Now Available in Plymouth Meeting

LogoAlthough Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA's headquarters is in Bucks County, PA, the company provides all of their services to those who are in Montgomery County. In fact, the company is pleased to announce that they are now offering emergency services in and around Plymouth Meeting, PA. Therefore, those who are in need of immediate plumbing services in Plymouth Meeting can get in touch with the company during the day or night by calling 267-202-0647. To inquire about any of their other plumbing services the company can be reached by filling out a contact form on their website,

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Taking Customers in Need of Furnace Repair Services

LogoLevittown, PA-based Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is pleased to announce that they are taking customers in need of immediate furnace repair in Bucks County. Although the plumbing company is based in Lower Bucks, they are also willing to travel to Montgomery County as well as towns in Upper Bucks. Therefore, if any homeowner is in need of furnace repair or any of their other plumbing services throughout these areas, they can give them a call immediately at 267-202-0647 or fill out a contact for on their website.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Taking Clients in Need of Emergency Plumbing Services in Montgomery County, PA

LogoEven though Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA is located in Levittown, they also offer their services to other areas throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. In fact, those who are faced with an emergency plumbing issue in Montgomery County, PA after this past June's severe thunderstorms, are encouraged to contact them immediately. The company has team members all over Bucks and Montgomery County all throughout the day, and potential customers can rest assured that they will have someone out to their home as soon as possible.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Now Offering Water Heater Installation Services for Summer 2015

LogoEven though it's getting warmer, having hot water will always be an amenity that many homeowners will be unable to live without. After a long winter here in the Northeast, many homeowners might find that they will be in need of a replacement water heater—especially if it is an older model. One plumbing company in Bucks County that homeowners can turn to for the installation of a new water heater this summer season is Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA. In fact, the company is pleased to announce that that they are now taking any new customers who need water heater installation services immediately.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Now Taking Customers Located in Bala Cynwyd, PA and Wynnewood, PA

LogoWhen looking for a plumbing company in Bala Cynwyd or Wynnewood, PA, turn to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA. Based in Levittown, PA, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers a wide variety of plumbing services that includes fixing clogged pipes, drain cleaning, installations and repairs. This April, the company is pleased to announce that they are now taking customers located in Bala Cynwyd or Wynnewood that are in need of any type of plumbing service.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Offering Coupons and Specials on Their Website

LogoBenjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA, located on 5503 Emilie Road in Levittown, PA is pleased to offer coupons and specials available on their website. Spring is here, and it's one of the best times to ensure that either a home or commercial building's plumbing system is operating efficiently. Some of their current coupons and specials include savings on water heater or faucet replacements, and they also have a special for those looking for a new sump pump system.

Ben Franklin Plumbing Announces Emergency Plumbing Services in Levittown

LogoExtremely cold weather conditions are expected over the next week and when temperatures drop, water can freeze, expand and crack the surrounding pipes. Other plumbing emergencies, such as overflowing toilets, burst sewer pipes and flooded bathrooms can also occur unexpectedly. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers emergency plumbing services in Levittown and can take care of these types of problems before they get worse or create other issues.

Ben Franklin Plumbing Announces Availability for Water Heater Replacements

LogoThere are few things nicer during the winter than a warm shower after spending any amount of time out in the cold. Unfortunately, for those with older water heaters, the experience can be interrupted by a rush of cold water as their unit struggles to keep up with the shower's demands. Remedying the unwelcomed issue, Ben Franklin Plumbing has announced they have availabilities for water heater replacements. No matter which type of system the home is currently running, their professionals can install any style from conventional to solar powered.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Offers Advice on Avoiding Plumbing Issues During the Holidays

LogoThe holidays are not only a time when homeowners are busy decorating their homes and shopping for gifts, but also one of the busiest times of the year for plumbers. To help plumbing survive until the new year, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has offered advice on avoiding plumbing issues during the holidays.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Increases Coverage Area on Emergency Plumbing Service in Montgomery County

LogoAs the temperature continues to plummet, the chances of a plumbing emergency striking a residence greatly increases. Whether it was a leaking pipe that never got fixed or an exposed pipe that was never insulated, there are pipes around every house that are susceptible to bursting in the cold. Helping customers reduce the potential for extensive property damage, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has increased their coverage area for emergency plumbing service in Montgomery County.