Best Running Shoes for Women

Best Running Shoes for Women Launches Latest Review in Light of Upward Running Trend

Figures from the Center for Health and Sciences reveal running at a pace of 10.9 mph can burn more than 1,200 calories per hour for an adult of average height and weight, landing this exercise at the top of their list of the most effective calorie burning activities. In fact, varying speeds and forms of running make up almost half this list. As knowledge of the health and weight loss benefits of running becomes increasingly widespread, the number of women taking part in this activity also remains on an upward trend.

Finding the Right Running Shoes Can Aid Women Runners on All Terrains

Writing for the website Her Sports Fitness, reporter Tristen Grant noted that when learning to run properly “there was far more to safely running than placing one foot firmly in front of the other quickly.” When being taught the basics of running, her instructor “made a point of teaching me about good form, the mechanics of an efficient stride and the importance of being able to relax.” Grant also learned that “being aware of the fundamentals not only makes one a better runner, but lets this excellent form of exercise be more enjoyable for the participant as well.”

Best Running Shoes for Women Advocates for the Health of Women Runners

The medical website Web MD reports that it is medically necessary for all ages of athletes to find the right running shoe for their individual foot. Bruce Wilk, physical therapist concurs,”The best first step in finding the right running shoes is knowing what you will be doing with them.” Wilk notes, "You also have to take into account your body type. Be sure to identify any injuries you have developed from running as well. Problems like shin splints, blisters, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis often can be reversed with the proper fitting running shoes.”