LifeLock Receives 2015 Besty Award from's (BIDTC) identity theft expert Robert Siciliano and the BIDTC team visited LifeLock, Inc. headquarters last week to present LifeLock with the 2015 Besty Award.

Federal Data Breach Inspires to Complete New Survey (BIDTC) releases new survey results on people's preference for data breach notifications. BIDTC is searching to learn what people are looking for in terms of being notified of a data breach.

New Evidence Supports Ranking Criteria (BIDTC) recently surveyed experts and consumers on how much the ranking criteria for identity protection services contributed to their final decision-making. The criteria were broken down individually and the end-result showed that each point was relevant.

Fraudulent Charges Have Been Proven to Start Small (BIDTC) is an industry leading review website, known for their thorough research into identity theft companies. Their experts were interested in the amount of money that is typically charged onto credit cards as a result of fraud. They distributed a survey to over 1000 consumers all over the nation, and received back the following results:

BIDTC Adds Unique Company to Their Rankings

LogoAt the end of September 2014, (BIDTC) added a unique company to their rankings. MyLife, normally used for managing consumer's personal information and social media presence, has made its way into the identity theft industry. BIDTC reviewed them as soon as they caught word of this recent move.

Consumers Reveal the Most Recognized Identity Theft Company (BIDTC) is an industry leading review website, known for their thorough research into identity theft companies. Their experts were interested in what brand comes to consumer’s minds when they think of identity theft. They distributed a survey to hundreds of consumers and received back these distinct results:

BIDTC Finds Results of Recent Survey Concerning

LogoA recent survey was published by, or BIDTC, that revealed how often consumers check their bank statements and credit reports for fraud. This survey was distributed to hundreds of consumers all over the nation. Within each demographic, interesting data surfaced. But the overall result was the most interesting statistic of all.

BIDTC Uncovers LifeLock's Most Recent and Biggest Competitor

LogoOn Friday, September 6th, IdentityForce surpassed Identity Guard and gained the #2 spot on’s most recommended Identity Theft Companies’ list. They are now in close running with identity theft’s top dog, LifeLock., or BIDTC, has found many positive things about IdentityForce that consumers should take note of.

Interesting Statistics on Who Reads the Terms of Service

LogoA recent survey was published by (BIDTC) that shows which consumers actually take the time to read the Terms and Services before making a purchase online and which do not. This survey was conducted to over 1,000 consumers of all different demographics. Within each demographic, interesting data emerged. Below is the exact question that was handed to the consumers and the results. Upon further reading, you’ll find out which demographics made up the most of these responses.

Consumers Reveal Where They Are Most Afraid of Their Personal Information Being Stolen

LogoWith the frequent security and data breaches, the (BIDTC) Research Team hypothesized that consumers would be most concerned about their information that is within company databases, but results showed differently.